Saturday, July 22, 2017

Foodies: DuBuYo - Chi Jeu Dak (Korean Style Popcorn Chicken)

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last few weeks, I fefeeling like to eat a Korean Food, so I went to DuBuYo, Sunway Pyramid. DuBuYo is basically a place where you can enjoy an Urban Korean Food in Malaysia. They also claim that they used a healthy and pure ingredients with recipes that enliven the palate and sharp distinct flavours. I ordered their popular Chi Jeu Dak where it is actually a korean style popcorn chicken that come with cheseeeeeee... Sound yummy right. **Scream cheese freak!

In this meal set you'll get the delicious popcorn chicken where you can choose either KOREAN SPICY or HONEY.
Price for each meal as stated in the picture above.

This is how the Chi Jeu Dak meal set looks like. You'll also get the rice and side dishes like how korean food always looks like. Yahhh! They served a lot of side dishes. 

That day, I tried both flavor which KOREAN SPICY and HONEY! Surprisingly both taste superbbb and delicious.

Close-up look for Chi Jeu Dak HONEY

Close-up look for Chi Jeu Dak KOREAN SPICY 

Overall, I'm really satisfied with this meal they served. I've tried their kimbab but not that impressive but I really recommend this Chi Jeu Dak meal set if you want to try Korean Food and fefeeling like you're at Korea. Hehehee.. Another thing that surprise me is that, I totally KENYANGGG that time. For me, I find it WORTH IT!

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