Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Sunsilk Hijab Recharge - Refresh (Pastel Green) | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

A shampoo for hijabsterrrr, I mention this shampoo on my April Favorites and I really like it. Sunsilk unveiled the Sunsilk Hijab Recharge a new range of hair care products designed specifically for hijabsters. They have 3 different type of shampoo which is Hijab Refresh (Segar Berhijab), Lively Strong Hairfall Solution (Anti-Rambut Gugur), and Anti Dandruff (Anti-Kelemumur). I've tried the Hijab Refresh and Lively Strong Hairfall Solution but my favorite goes to Hijab Refresh! Sunsilk Hijab Recharge is actually a collaboration with natural's hair expert, Jamal Hammadi. That's why this shampoo gonna be special for hijabster.

Hijab Refresh (Segar Berhijab) comes in a pastel green packaging. 

This shampoo is enhanced with fig that known as the heavenly fruit among Muslims. It also rich in antioxidant, it helps cleanse away scalp, grease, residues and oily hair for long lasting freshness.

What I like about this shampoo is that when you wash your hair you'll fell fresh because it have kinda mentol hint to it but not to much. Just a nice hint for your scalp. Plus I didn't feel my hair drying or something because previously I've tried the normal Sunsilk shampoo and it dry my hair so badly but not this one I guess the formulation is upgraded. NICE! They claims that they are the first in the Market offer long-lasting freshness and fragrance up to 48 hours but for my hair I can say it last for 1 day and half only.. But still considerable because the price is super affordable and you can keep your hair fresh as well. 

Doesn't mean that those who wearing hijab they don't have to take care of their hair. in fact, they need to care about it even more because when you wearing hijab you tend to sweaty and greasy because you covered your hair all day especially in this hot humid weather. Find a good product will help to keep your hair fresh even you're wearing hijab. Some of my friend even tried this shampoo and they quite surprise with the outcome. I'd like to recommend Sunsilk Hijab Recharge for those who on budget and looking for a good shampoo because it worth with what you pay. At first, the product were given to me (as to try and review purpose) but once the bottle finished, I even purchase it myself and this time in a big bottle. Ehee~ 

Price: RM8.50 (160ml)
Availability: Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, and Authorised reseller nationwide.

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