Tuesday, June 27, 2017

1028 Unseen Mesh Compact & 1028 Oil-Control Powder | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

1028 Visual Therapy is a brand from Taiwan that are currently expending through-out Asia because most of their product suitable for Asian people. 1028 Visual Therapy have several wide range of product from skincare and makeup. Even their makeup also labeled as skincare makeup because every cosmetics product they infused with a treatment essence. Means their 1028 Makeup is safe for your skin.

I've tried several cosmetics products from 1028 Visual Therapy and today I'm going to share the base product that is 1028 Unseen Mesh Compact and 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder.

I'll start with the 1028 Unseen Mesh Compact. This is how the packaging looks like. It comes in a cute pink cover. When the packaging arrive it is actually separated in the box so you need to installed the product onto the case. Don't worry, it is simple as af! hehehee..

Price: RM99.90

My code for this 1028 Unseen Mesh Compact is 02 Natural Beige. In this Mesh Compact it has SPF 30 PA+++ to protect against harmful UV rays. This product is made from Korea.

At first I thought that 1028 Unseen Mesh Compact is similar to any other Cushion Foundation but it is actually quite different because it does not have cushion it is like a barrier between the product where you need to MESH it out. 

The puff also durable and able to deliver the product on my skin nicely. 

Coverage/ Finishing: 1028 Unseen Mesh Compact has medium to full coverage where it can stay duty as foundation. It claims to be a matte finish but for me I think it is more like dewy finish on my skin. You have to properly blend the product so it doesn't looks cakey. You can build this up to full coverage. 

Longevity: As for me, it last on my for about 3 hours and I need to re-apply after that maybe because I tend to get sweating easily. 1028 Unseen Mesh Compact contains Vitamin B3 and other moisturizing formula for moisture -effect where I think it can last even wonderful for dry skin-type. 

This is 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder. It come in a little tiny packaging where at first I thought that this is a blusher but when I open it, it is actually a compact powder. Awhhh! What a cute packaging for a compact powder because normally when can see that compact powder always comes in a medium or large size right. I really like it because 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder definitely a travel friendly compact powder! The case is also in a pink color! Gurlish~

Price: RM29.90

Well. as you probably can see, I couldn't read a word what they mention on the back of the product. Hehehee. What I know that this powder is 4.6 g . Heee. The color should be light medium to medium because it suits my skin tone

This is how 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder look on the inside. Yeahh a very cutie powder. Hehehee. It has the sponge but I don't know how to explain about the sponge but it is as you can see in the picture. puffy!

It really helps to blend-down the dewyness from the Mesh Compact. I really like this powder. I give it a thumbs up! I've tired using this alone it works nice as to keep my skin look matte and fresh. It is non drying powder and have the oil-control power to it which I guess this works wonder for oily-combination skin type. Wuuuhuuu~ It has mineral based content that help to pro-long the lasting effect on the skin. I claims that it can transform the excess oil into a natural glow. woahh, Interesting! 

Overall, I really like 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder because it is not only travel friendly but it also works nice on my skin. I normally have oily problem on my "T-zone" parts so I apply this powder focus more on the oily areas. 

This is the finishing looks for the base using 1028 Unseen Mesh Compact and 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder. I hope you find my review helpful for you. 1028 Visual Therapy is to help you to expressing your unique attitude through makeup where you can blooming the most beautiful you!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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