Thursday, April 06, 2017

Xylique Mud Deep Cleansing Bar & Purifiying Toning Lotion | review

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Have you heard about Xylique before? It is a revolutionary skincare that formulated with the finest natural ingredients that can enhances skin's health. These nature ingredients are expertly blended along with scientifically proven botanical essentials. Overall, it is safe and effective skincare solution from a natural source. You can find your skin care according to your skin type and problems. I'm trying their star product that is Xylique Mud Deep Cleansing Bar and also Xylique Purifiying Toning Lotion.

So, here my review about this products.....

100% pure moor│ licorice │ morus alba │ colloidal silver │ melaleuca

What I like about this cleansing bar it does what it claims. I have sensitive skin with a combination skin type. My skin easy get pimples dues to unbalance hormone and environment factors. I cannot say that this totally solve my problem but it somehow help me to soothe the problem in a good way. It also gentle to the skin does do causing drying after wash. Another thing I want to highlight is it has slightly menthol kinda feel which make you feel fresh after cleansing.

Simply create lather of soap with water and gently massage over the face and neck. After then, you can rinse off with water. During the cleansing, you can feel some fresh-mint sensation. 

This is suitable for All Skin Types

Size: 60g (30g x 2 bars)
Price: RM70.00

Witch Hazel │ Glycolic Acid │  Green Tea │ Mimosa │ Orange

I have sensitive skin so toner somehow important regime for me after cleansing. It feel good after using this toner where it does not causing any irritation on my skin yet it is gentle. The ingredients in this toner is a popular ingredient for toner as it can help to reduce the appearance of pore size and make your skin less oily. It also sloughs off dead skin. Your skin will feel much more clean and fresh. 

After cleansing, spray the Purifying Toning Lotion onto cotton pads and apply on skin. You also can directly spray it over your face and pat dry but I prefer use the cotton pad. Then you can apply moisturizer. 

This toner is suitable for Oily / Acneic Skin

Size: 120ml ℮ 4 FL. OZ.
Price: RM140.00

Both product you can get from

Its been a month I'm using this products and I'm kinda like it. Both product compliment each other. I can say that this product is suitable for those who having trouble with breakouts and acne problem like me. Like I mention earlier it may not 100% cure your problem but it helps in soothing your acne problem. I hope you find my review helpful for you. 

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