Tuesday, April 04, 2017

PSLove NeckHeat, BackHeat and MenstruHeat

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Have you heard about PSLove before? Because this is my first time heard about this brand and what make it more interesting is they selling products that help healing and relaxing your neck, back and even for menstrual. As you know people nowadays tends to get back, neck and shoulder aches espcially during work time. This will effect the productivity and their lifestyle. It claims that it can quickly relief as it heats up to a therapeutic temperature. It looks like a sticker that come with heat purpose that is perfect to be use for office and go out. This will provides soothing heat relief for at least 12 hours! Woahhh~

It can help to relieve neck & shoulder aches and pains. It is designed to be "split-able" so that you can use it exactly where you need it most. As skin at the neck & shoulder area tends to be more sensitive, it have calibrated NeckHeat to release a slightly less heat as compared to MenstruHeat. 

You only need to put it for about 5-10 minutes only. 

It has heat therapy that can help to relieve backache and pains. It is designed to bend to fit the contours of your back with extended heat distribution across it's wings so that you get maximum comfort and relief. You can use this when doing a work as well.

Simply put it to your back for about 5-10 minutes 

When the times come women will experience the worst thing once a month that is menstrual cramp. This is cool where it is specifically use during your period. It can relieve menstrual cramps and help you to calm down from the pain. It is designed to fit ergonomically and quickly emit an optimum level of heat to relax the cramping uterine muscles.

Simply put this for about 5-10 minutes. 

Availability: https://pslove.co

As we know that heat therapy has been scientifically proven to relieve pain as it relaxes muscles. If your looking for something that will help your neck & back pain and menstrual cramps you can try this 100% natural heat therapy that clinically proven can relieve your pain from PSLove. It is made form a medical-grade adhesive that is soft to the skin for maximum comfort. It is designed to be portable and convenient so you can bring along during travel or going out. The NeckHeat and BackHeat also suitable for men. let's relieve the pain~

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