Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Foodies: Sushi King Japanese Curry Promotion

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

WHUTTTT? Sushi King CURRY?? For real???

Yes guys! Now Sushi King come out with the exclusive Japanese curry menu with up to 11 exceptional dishes to offer, The theme is “Curry with a Kick!” to add a punchy ‘kick’ to suit the local taste buds and spicy enough to fire up any Malaysian’s savoury palate.  It is for limited-time only and you can get various authentic Japanese curry that unique. If you wondering what is the different between Malaysian Curry and Japanese curry you should try this!

Can you see how excited I am!
I love sushi and Sushi King is one of the place I often go if I'm craving for sushi. 

Let's see how the Sushi King Japanese Curry looks like...

Yakiniku - RM15.90
Pan-fried beef and long beans with rice and curry

Seafood Fry - RM15.90
Deep-fried fish, prawns and long beans with rice and curry

Chicken Katsu - RM15.90
Deep-fried chicken and long beans with rice and curry.

For this 3 dishes it is available in Curry, Tomato Curry and Spicy Curry, You can chose which one do you prefer according to your taste bud. For me I prefer the Curry because you can taste the original Japanese Curry. It is a bit thick compare to Malaysian Curry and they do not use santan.

This is another dishes which loyal fans of Sushi King can enjoy
 Aburi Curry Tamago, Curryfornia Roll, Curry Ebi Fry Nigiri, Curry Tori Katsu Gunkan,
Of course you cannot miss the sushi~ I love alll~ Heheheee

Curry Kiryu Udon - RM13.90
Flat udon with tempura prawn and crabstick in curry

 Agedashi Beef Curry Set - RM18.90
Fried beancurd with pan-fried beef, mushrooms and cheese in curry. 

Sushi King also serving two special desserts to cool down your curry venture that is
 Ice-Cream Doughnuts - Vanilla flavour - RM4.90

 Ice-Cream Doughnuts - Matcha flavour - RM4.90

Both of the ice-cream my favorite! Make sure to give it a try~

Haaaaa... Terliur takkk?

You can enjoy Sushi King Japanese Curry at any Sushi King Outlet starting from 1 April 2017 until 30 June 2017
So, let's enjoy this while you can..

In conjunction with the promotion, Sushi King is challenging Malaysians to a ‘kick off’ with the “Curry-Hot-Kick” Challenge. Participants who share their most creative ‘hot kick’ expressions with the hashtag #MySKCurry will stand a chance to win an exclusive Collectible T-Shirt from Sushi King.

For more information on the above, please log on to www.facebook.com/sushikingasia

Till then, xoxo

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