Thursday, April 13, 2017

Clinelle HOT Body Shaper Cream | review

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Nowaday everyone wants a good toned fit body kinda-feel right. Me tooooo! Hehehee..
I've tried this Clinelle BodyFitness Hot Body Shaper Cream for couple of weeks and I'm kinda like it. For those who are already in a slim shape yet you need some body-tone-contour this is good for you and you can see the result in just a few days. But if you're not that slim like me, This is also help to fast the process of fat burning and tone your body even more. Clinelle claims that it effectively contours body line in just a few days. Woahhh~

Clinelle has taken a step further to use Algae as one of the ingredient in Clinelle HOT Body Shaper Cream. Algae has been proven as one of powerful  ingredients that is rich in minerals and vitamins, commonly being consume by Japanese to help in detoxifying, purifying and oxygenating skin. The formulation of this Shaper Cream come with 3x Super-Strength, as it contains 3 highly effective ingredients derived from Organic Brown Algae to contour your body, to reduce cellulite and to brighten your skin. Good to know!

As you can see at the tip of the packaging it has the built-in massage roller. I find it quite unique but I don't use it that much. I still prefer using my hand to spread this cream thoroughly. Hehehee.. 

This is how the cream will pop-out when you press. 

Clinelle HOT Body Shaper Cream is suitable for all skin types and works well especially on arm, thigh and tummy. Clinelle Body Fitness Hot Body Shaper Cream has been dermatologically tested for its tolerance and efficacy of the product has been proven and contains No Paraben. Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Most importantly it is safe to be use. 

Price: RM89.00
Availability: Clinelle Website & Any Leading Pharmacy 

What I really like about it is the hot burning sensation does not hurting or cause itchiness to my skin like any other brand I've tried before. It smell good too! And I can feel that the burning sensation happen once I apply this. It is easy to be apply although I find the roller not that helping. Hehehee... But that is not the point. The important is the formulation of this shaper cream itself. If you're looking for any Shaper Cream, Yes! I'd suggest you to give this Clinelle HOT Body Shaper Cream a try.

I have some good news to share with my readers
You can get 25% discount on one purchase of Hot Body Shaper Cream (of normal price) at Clinelle e-commerce site.
You can use this promo code SYAFIQAH25 when check-out to save more!

Here some FUN FACT about Clinelle HOT Body Shaper Cream

According to international fitness expert cum nutritionist, Hero Tai,
“Clinelle Body Fitness series of products work even better with regular exercise.” 


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