Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Foodies: PappaRich's Key Dishes

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

One of a great dining place to go non-other than PappaRich. I know it is a well-know restaurant in Malaysia. But do you know that PappaRich also available at another country worldwide with over 30 outlets. In Malaysia itself PappaRich has about 80 outlets. Woahh. Banyak kannn~. PappaRich main idea is more like a tradition food style with a great values and flavors. 

Ohh yah~ I have a great news to share with you...
Papparich Breakfast Set Promotion!
Each Breakfast set worth RM8.80 only!
(Valid during weekdays excluding public holiday) 

Main course
1. Nasi Lemak Biasa
2. Roti Stim with Butter + Kaya (1 slide) with Half-Boiled Egg (2 Eggs)
3. Hainan Toast with Butter + Kaya with Half Boiled Egg (2 Eggs)
4. Mini Porridge
5. Springy Noodles with Fish Cake Slices

1. Coffee (Hot/ Iced)
2. Chan (Hot/Iced)
3. Teh Tarik (Hot)
4. Teh (Iced)

You can choose one main course and beverage of your choice with only RM8.80 

Table full~
That day (18th February 2017), I tried a few different dishes from Appetizer, Main Course and Desserts! Woahhh.. So Kenyang and my tummy also happy. Hehehee.. 


Hainan Toast with Butter + Kaya
Two slices of well-toasted, fluffy roti. Coated with a generous spread of Kaya and a right touch of rich buttery finish. This is a good choice for those who wanted a light snack yet mengenyangkan. Hehee..

Roti Stim with Butter + Kaya
A soft, light roti complemented with a generous helping of butter and kaya. Just to make things better, this set also comes with perfectly half boiled eggs. I like how pluffy the Roti is. Going to order this next time. Jyeahhh~

Fried Dumplings
Four golden pockets of meaty perfection. It taste delicious.

Pappa Fried Chicken Wings
A pure goodness, crisp on the outside, tender on the inside. So succulent and addictive. 


Nasi Lemak Biasa
A fluffy coconut infused rice, fried anchovies & peanut for crunch, boiled egg and fresh cucumber slices. Who doesn't love Nasi Lemak right. Its Malaysia tradition food!

Mini Porridge
It is an oil-free and low calories porridge which ideal for those who craving for some comfort food minus the guilt. It taste good!

Pappa Curry Laksa Special
This hot little number comes in a bowl of supreme curry goodness! Made exclusively with our steamed chicken, fish cake, fresh cockles, tau fu pok and foo chok and aromatic Curry Laksa gravy. It’s one heck of a dish! My favorite of choice every time I come to PappaRich.

Springy Noodles with Fish Cake Slices
A delicious broth of springy noodles with toothsome fishcake slice and a sunny side up. This is good for those who wanted a soup kinda-day.

Koay Teow Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion
Tender, moreish beef slices stir-fried with our koay teow noodles and combined with an unctuous egg-based gravy. Soo damn good guys! I love this. It is addictive and slurpingly. Now I have a new favorite to order at PappaRich. Weehee~


Egg Pudding with Sago
Pappa's modern twist on dessert, where tradition meets creativity and flavorsluscious and creamy Sago served with an egg pudding

Sago with Gula Melaka
A classic Malaysian dessert with a thick, creamy sagi drizzled with gula Melaka syrup. It's one of irresistible bite you can't resist

Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake
CHEESECAKE guys!!! Oh my... A freshly baked gourmet cheese cakes now available at PappaRich but only at selected outles. You can finf the batter of the Cat & The Fiddle or ask the waiters. If you saw the banner makesure to try them because it is sooooo good that you can't resist. For those who love cheese cake (like me) This is a much try for you! I recommend the orea and mango one. Onomnommm~

and there's more deserts you can try like Pappa Cendol, Pappa ABC Special and etc....

Geng Makan that day. Buz and Suzai! Yes our table is full with food...
Not forgetting KelVin, Sabrina and Angie (not in the picture). Hehehee..

PappaRich mainly emphasize the quality and freshness of the food where they only select the best and freshest ingredients. Beside that, the services also good. The price is quite affordable with the quality of food that you eat and service they provide. Don't forget to go to the nearest PappaRich Outlet. You can dine with your family, friend or even celebrate special occasion too! 

More info do check out PappaRich's

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