Thursday, December 29, 2016

Club CLIO Sunway Pyramid - The 1st in South East Asia

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Event: Club CLIO Launch Party
Date: 21st December 2016
Venue: Sunway Pyramid

CLIO celebrating their opening of Club CLIO at Sunway Pyramid recently and I was invited to join this party. CLIO is a very well-known brand from Korea with the popular ambassador, Gong Hyo Jin a popular actor in South Korea. To be honest I know about this brand because of her and their commercial was super sarcastic and somehow funny-way. You should check out their commercial advertisement. Hahahaa..

Did I mention that this is the 1st Club CLIO in South East Asia. Woahh. At Sunway Pyramid only. You better check it out. 

Ohh yah! Peripera Cosmetic brand also available at the Club CLIO, Sunway Pyramid. I didn't know that Peripera was like a "siblings" to CLIO brand. Hahhaaa...

I'm with Ms Song, Club CLIO's Head Makeup Artist from Korea. She is the one who conducting a makeup demonstration to showcase the latest products for the runway show that day. 

Yours truly with Janice and Jil Yong

with Cute Mia! 

Do come and visit Club CLIO at Sunway Pyramid. It is open for all especially beauty junkies out there. You don't want to miss a chance to check-out CLIO new product from Korea right. I buy CLIO Eyeliner & Mascara and also Peripera lip tint because I never had any liptint before so I choose one for me to give a try! Wooohooo~ 

Till then, xoxo

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  1. I'm loving Peripera BB Cushion and CLIO Kill Cover Concealer! Please try them especially the concealer :D

    1. OMG! I think I should get it later. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  2. I like their new store in Sunway and of course their products too.

    1. Me too! Finally get easy access for CLIO Cosmetic now.. Wuuhuu~