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Sabah Travelogue: [DAY 1] Rumah Terbalik and Jambatan Tamparuli Sabah

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

If you read this entry previously you'll know that last couple weeks I went on a holiday with my family to Sabah! This is actually my second visit to Sabah. The last time I was here when I was a kid yet the memory still there and also a prove a picture. Apakan daya time tu belum ada dunia blogging but now I want to share every experience here! in my blog! Hehehe. 

We touch down to Kota Kinabalu Airport around 9 a.m. Settle of our transportation arrangement and get some breakfast because we're all hungry then the journey begins..... The first place we visit is Rumah Terbalik Sabah. Since this is one way to our destination which is Kundasang, why not stop-by there first since it is also listed as interesting place to visit at Sabah.

Rumah Terbalik Sabah

This Rumah Terbalik showing a view of traditional Sabah kampung house but it is upside-down. Huhuhuu.. Inside the house it is fully equipped with kitchen, living room, bedrooms, toilet, veranda and more in upside-down version. 
Entrance Fee!
*If you're Malaysia, makesure bring your MyCard okeh. 

siapa yang terbalik ni? Hahahaa..

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What can I say about it yah! Hahaha. Once you bought the ticket the sales girl said that " dekat dalam rumah tak boleh ambil gambar". Ohh! Okay. They did't allow us to take a picture inside the house but you can snap as many as you want at the out side. Well, to be honest, inside the house it is not that fascinating because I tend to get dizzy poneng-poneng sebab semua terbalik. Plus you walk on the ceiling! Imagine how scary it is if it is broken or else. Hahahaa. That's why come out in my mind that time. But you'll have special red carpet which is the place where you can only step on. But the outside view was worth.. at least! *nak sedapkan hati..huhuhuuu..

Souvenir Store.

Handmade soap 

This is my very first experience entering Rumah Terbalik. I know there's many places now have Rumah Terbalik this is my first. Experience something new here.

Jambatan Tamparuli Sabah

I'm not a history expert or something but I can tell you that Jambatan Tamparuli is the most well-known Jambatan at Sabah. I believe that this bridge was rebuild again as to keep as memorial of history. But you should stop by here as to see the uniqueness of this bridge as it is kinda hanging and the below parts is a river. If you're someone afraid of heights, this is something challenging for you.

This is our view while we're on our way to Kundasang Sabah. You can see Mount of Kinabalu right away It takes about 2-3 hours from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang. It depends on the traffic and your card speed. 

Will continue on next entry on my journey. Guess where I checked-in?? Heee..
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  1. kat kl tower ada..tapi kalau pergi sini mesti lagi best..hehe