Monday, September 19, 2016

3CE Pink Rumour Lip Color in CHEEKY CHEEKY review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

This is my second choice between this 3 shades that I had from the 3CE Pink Rumour series. Actually, it was a dilemma to choose between Cheeky Cheeky or Tell The Truth at the first place. Since I also had another lipstick color that quite similar to Cheeky Cheeky so I choose Tell The Truth as my number one pick and this goes second.  
Packaging: Come in Pink color packaging with a funky written on it. I like how the written of "Cheeky Cheeky" to it. Make it more funkier. 

The swatch of this lipstick on my hand. What I like about this shade compare to other two shades is that this lipstick appear nicely just in one-time swatch. 

on my lip swatch. LOVE it! I makes me look so brave and bold.

Don't you think so? Hihihiii..

Color/Shades: The color is more like maroon yet more to red side. Like cherry I think. I totally love this color. If you want something that bold enough this color will help you. The color is pay-off and this will compliment a lot of skin color. I recommend this color if you want to try from this 3CE Pink Rumour series. 

Pigmentation: It is pigmented enough since it is a real matte finish. Rich with colors to it

Texture: Real matte finish with hint of powdery to it. I advice you to apply lipbalm before apply this lipstick. But this shade is slightly easier to glides on compare to the other two shades. 

Scent/Smell: No weird smell to this lipstick. I think you won't scent anything at all. Hihihii..

Longevity: It last on my lips for about 8-9 hours. Also depending on my activity. Will choose this shades if I have an event or any occasion. 

Price: RM88
Availability: Sephora and Althea Kr. 

I hope you like my review and find this helpful for you either to get this lipstick or not. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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