Monday, August 01, 2016

NARS Audacious lipstick in Geraldine review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I'm excitedddd.. This is another Nars Audacious lipstick I've owned after my Natalie. I had this early this year if I'm not mistaken and been wanting to make the review ever since but I don't know why I did't do it yet!! Ahahaa.. Now it is the time for me to give my opinion about this lipstick here.
First lest's talk abou the packaging here. This is how the Audacious Lipstick series packaging looks like. It more sleek and in matte-black metallic case with strikingly sculptural design. Looks luxurious as the price itself. Eheee

This is the swatch on the lipstick on my hand. 

***Previously, I write a long essay on my opinion which make people might feel boring to read it. Therefore, I decided to write down accordingly. So that, everyone can easily read it. Okayy, Let's start!

Color/Shades: Tangerine! Such a beautiful tangerine color which suitable for summer time. Well, here at Malaysia always summer means you can wear it everytime. The color will compliment all skin tone. Such a vibrant and bold color on your lips.

Texture: Creamy and smooth with one glide to the lips the color already pop-out

Pigmentation: Opaque with one glides on the lips. Superb pigmentation. You can double glides for more vibrant hint.

Finish: This lipstick finish is more-likely satin finish to it. Which not going to show too-much dryness to your lips. Just feel right for your lips but it not that moisturize but not going to make your lips drying or I can say at the optimum point.. Ihiks.

Longevity: It can last up to 4-6 hours on my lips. depends on what activity I did. Last time I ate ice-cream obviously I also eat together with the lipstick right. Hahahaa.. but it still have stain feels on your lips. for full coverage look, You can touch-up. Well, every girl need to touch-up their lipstick right.

Lipstick swatch on my lips.

 Love how tangerine it is. If you looking for a tangerine color with good finish and texture this might be for you. I just love it. You'll never get bored with this color because it is a fun summer color which suitable for weather in Malaysia. But it is a bit pricey. Cause I also do some saving just to buy this lipstick. Teehee~ 

Price: RM119
Availability: all NARS Outlet  

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