Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shopping Haul: SEPHORA Black Card Exclusive Sales

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

After 2 years of miss the opportunities for the Sephora Member Card Sales and this year I enjoy my shopping at Sephora. Yeahh! 2 years guys!! The first reason is that I'm out of region that time since I'm study at Melaka and there's no Sephora at Melaka another reason is that time Sephora don't have their online platform yet. SOBSS. So, I ensure that I don't miss this chance again. Ehehee..

I went to Sephora Paradigm Mall on Sunday which is the last say for Sephora Membership Card sales. Since the nearest Sephora is Paradigm so I just went there. Can't wait for SEPHORA One Utama Opening. Much closer to my home and more splurge going to happen soon. Kachingggg$$$ Hihihiii.. Anyway, I did't grab that much during that sales and all items I grab is not the lastest collection in Sephora but they are among the best seller. I don't want to splurge soo much for the stuff that I don't even use so I play a role as a wise girl going out for shopping. Eheheee.. 

This is what I purchase during the sales,  

I know you'll probably laugh at me now right because I just grab Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow. Hahahaa.. I know now they release the latest palette called Too Faced Sweet and Peach yet I'm still purchase their first collection. Teeheee.. I keep doubting about getting this palette while I keep purchase another eyeshadow palette but my heart still wanting this eyehsadow palette. I've been eyeing for this around 2 years back and that time the price was only RM159 and it is slowly increase to RM179 until the latest retail price is RM199. Can you see how the price slowly increasing and make me regret that I don't grab this at the first place. Fuhhh~ Anyway, Thanks to Sephora's sales now I get this palette worth of RM159.20 after 20% discount. 

This is another thing that I've been eyeing early this year, Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. I've tried this concealer and DAMNNN! it is good. Worth of penny. Glad that I decide to get this concealer. I'm a type of person that willing to spend for concealer compare on foundation. Ehehee.. I think concealer is the most important routine for someone like me that tend to get a lot of dark sport and blemishes. This will help to give a good cover for those imperfection. Well, that is what concealer are meant to do right. I'm totally happy with this. For further details, wait for my full review about this.

Lastly, I grab this NYX Infinite Shadow Stick. Actually that time I don't have any idea what else should I buy and will give a some benefits rather than just spend for something I will not use it. NYX was the last area I visit because that part is crowded with people. Everyone eyeing for NYX Products since it is the only brand that quite affordable you can get at Sephora. I went here and play swatches this and that until i saw one chubby stick and I grab the color bronze and I was stunned by the igment and how easy it is glides-on. I love with the color on the first sight. SERIOUSLY pretty! Planning to make a full review on this because I think it is a must have as well. Hehehe..

A SMILE is the Best makeup any girl can wear!

That's it! Only 3 products I grab for the sales and I'm satisfied with every purchases without regret because I know I will used it! So, share with me what you hunting for Sephora Membercard Sales?? Or you have something to suggest me to try perhaps? I really appreciate that :)

Till then. xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Liz masuk sephora tadi tgk je chocolate bar tu haha .. Btw yg nyx stick tu agk femes skrg sbb td ms liz stay at nyx corner kan ramai try that stick.

    1. YUP2.. Makin jadi pilihan ramai lepas ni. Sebab warna dia lawaa and travel friendly!

  2. Kalau msuk sephora kne bek puka la cmni. Akk tak pandai pilih2 ni semua 😂

  3. Hahahahahah..omg..sure typo merata kn? Ok2..type blk..klu msuk sephora kena bwk pika la pasni. Akk tak pandai pilih2 ni 😂

    1. Hahhaaa.. Okay2.. No problem kak ayue. Nanti kita shopping dekat sephora sama-sama taww..

  4. Replies
    1. Mesti la happy dapat barang yg kita sukaaa! Eheheee..