Sunday, June 12, 2016

Foodies: Ramadhan Buffet at 9Kedondong, Ampang Hilir

 Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last Thursday 9th June 2016, I went for Iftar/berbuka puasa at 9Kedondong, Ampang Hilir. My very first buffet iftar/berbuka puasa for this year. Thanks 9Kedondong for the invitation and Kak Su as well. From my workplace (currently working at Bangsar) I took LRT to Ampang Park and from there I took a Grab Car, that was my very first experience with Grab Car. It is quite nice. The distance from LRT Ampang Park to 9Kedondong aroung 4km but the traffic jem was crazy. I spend 35-40 minutes on road just to reach to the destination. Anyway, glad I'm able to reach there before azan magrib and snap a few photo at the photo booth provided there. Weee~

First of all, let me give you some brief about 9kedondong. It is actually a bungalow located at Jalan Kedondong at Ampang Hilir. and the house number is 9 that is why this place name 9Kedondong. Actually at the first place I was curious as well because I never heard about this place before but the moment I arrived there the place is so beautiful. The house design is more likely vintage and huge!

To announce that, this year 9Kedondong will held some buffet for iftar or Ramadhan Buffet. So, for those who live near by Ampang area, you can try berbuka puasa at 9Kedondong. They have 9 stall in one place. which from Main Buffet, to choice of rice like Nasi Kerabu, Ulam-ulaman, Sup, BBQ with Kambing golek, Fruits, Traditional kuih-muih, Desserts, ABC and more. Trust me you going to satisfied with the menu provided. Makan sampai kenyangggggg

Look at the Main Buffet menu!! You can see more lauk-pauk were served there. OMGGG~

close up view for each laukkk

Its not end there. MOREEEE. From chicken, meet, ikan pari, telur puyuh, siput sedut and more more moreeee..

Not just it. There more for Nasi Kerabu and Ulam-ulaman. Can you see Kerabu Mangga there?? Delicious.

They also have Bihun Sup

A MUST for me. Kambing golek. SEDAPPPP... Kuah dia pun nice!

Before the Azan start, everyone prepare for their food of selection.

Look I ate 3 plates that time, I think more than 3 plates because of the fruits and desserts. Hahha Round first I choose from the main buffet. You eyes can resist from taking all the lauk-pauk there. and 2nd Round I took Kambing golek. Auchh! A MUST !! Ding ding. Round 3, I taste their Nasi Kerabu. And my stomach is about the explode. Hahahaa.. So, I stop at the moment for Magrib prayer and I continue for round 4, I taste the ABC and cucur pisang that time. I got no complaint about the food they served. Totally yummy. 

The price for buffet:-
Adult: RM55/pax
Kid: RM28/pax

For booking and reservation, please contact Haziq at 017-2250705 / 016-8868311

Makan la sampai kenyang tawww... Hihihii..

See, the space for prayer is huge. So comfortable and fill in with air-conditioner. They provide telekung but limited so as an advice for personal convenient, better bring your own travel telekung. 

I'm totally full that day, Alhamdulillah!
Thank you for the yummy food served and great service. You'll definitely satisfied with it (as I am).

Check out more about 9Kedondong on:-

For this Ramadhan they will serve Ramadhan Buffet and after that they back for any event inquiries like wedding and more. You also can contact the same person I mention above k. Most of their customer really satisfied with the service they provided. So, what are you waiting forrrrrr...

Selamat menikmati juada enak-enak dia 9Kedondong !

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Ekslusifnya makan kat sini.

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    1. yup, memang sedap.. ramai puji gulai dia tip top tp sayang nya pika tak reti makan siput sedut.. Hehehee..