Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Flip Out Trampoline Arenas, Kota Damansara


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
My friends and I were buzzing on our whassap group chat about this new trampoline place that just recently open in our place at Kota Damansara called Flip Out Arena.. One day we decide to go to this place and having our quality time together. Well, I've never been to any trampoline place before I just see it from far. The most talked about is Jump Street at PJ. The main reason I'm kinda afraid is because of my weight.. Hahahaa.. But this has no limit I guess. I ask the trainer that work there they say this trampoline is safe and strong. So, I just put the trust on it and JUMP. Hahahaa..

If you live in near by Kota Damansara, Sg.Buloh, Bandar Utama, Subang maybe, you can go and try how this trampoline. 

Operation Hours:-
Monday- Friday: 10am-10pm
Saturday: 10am-1am
Sunday: CLOSED

We go on Wednesday in the morning time and there only us in there play the trampoline. How excited yet a bit awkward because we got an attention from the trainer. Glad the trainer is cool and nice to catch up with us and teach us how to play the trampoline even better rather then just ordinary jump. Hehehee.. But a bit shyness of course.. HEEEE..

Here is the price rate.

Some rules 

Each person who enter need to register their profile.

This grip sock cost about RM5. Come in 3 colors which is Black, Pink and Green. But we choose black and pink. Mine is black.. You can keep this sock so the next time you came you don't have to buy it again. Just pay for entrance fee and go jump~

This is how it looks like.

This is for the kids.

This one is normally use for sports (used in Olympic if I'm not mistaken). It is much stronger and can make you bounce even higher than the normal one. 

Okay, don't judge. Obviously I always fall while I'm try to make some move. I can never imagine my 1 hour is like 10 hours in here. Hahahaa. The first minute I play around with the trampoline I already feel tired! Hahahahaa.. Penat weyhhh.. At first macam belagak.. Sejamm je? and after that macam ehh baru 10 minit ke. Hahahaa.. Drink some energy drink before you jump and bring water if possible because you'll get dehydrated so much sweat coming out. Baju basah dengan peluhhhh~

There is soooo much picture! The ugliest picture of me also in our memory. Hahahaa.. Again, don't judge our messy look! Hahahaa.. Bayang kan lahh kena lompat-lompat.. We have great time together. Thanks to our cool trainer yang sudi melayan kan karenah kitaorang! If we got some free time we will go and play trampoline again. Hahaha.. Dah main trampoline ni tak payah exercise seharian sebab nisbah penat dia.. By the next morning I woke up, badan dah rasa sengal-sengal.. macam kawan pika cakap "rasa macam kena langgar lori" Tudiaa~  Hahahaa.. For those yang nak try playing with this trampoline. Go and try k. Have fun! Don't forget to wear an appropriate outfit. My suggestion is to go with dark color and fit you well. Don't choose something to loose or to fit. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


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  3. Thanks for the advis and tips, ive learned a few things from you!

    1. Glad that you find this helpful :)
      Thanks for drop by..

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