Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Beauty: Ohh My CHANEL!!! ft. Chanel Mat Lumiere Perfection Compact Powder


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

I invest my saving as to purchase much quality compact powder. I was looking for something that last on my face and suitable for my skin and finally I found this Chanel Mat Lumiere Perfection Compact Powder. Oh YEAHH! I'm loving it to the moon. I purchase this last year if I'm not mistaken. I still didn't do any review or talk about this until something happen to this compact powder. Guess what??!

This is what happen T____T. NANGES JAP! The thing that make me sad is that I accidentally drop this powder while I was trying to grab my handbag and the compact is now broken apart. Sobs! But still glad that the powder was super power last not showing any broken sign. Woww kejap. Hehehee..

I just attach the compact together but it does not as strong as before since the "bonding" part is broken. T___T

But, since I mention about this let me just do a quick review for this Chanel Mat Lumiere Perfection Compact Powder. This is high-end brand for sure. I spend a lot of kachingg for this one baby. Hahaa.. And I hope this will serve me very well. This powder is a matte finish and luminously. It is silky texture that help me set up my look everyday. It helps to cover the shiny area and give more flawless yet have soft glow in it. I will normally apply after I done with my makeup using powder brush because I don't really like to apply powder using the sponge unless I don't have any other option. So, by using my powder brush I will slowly touch the powder onto my skin especially underneath my eye and t-zone area where the area that will get shiny easily. The texture is silky lightweight which I think I like it and does not make my face to cakey. Just a great glow. Yummehh! Overall I think this is totally worth to have. I know for student like me to purchase this is insane but I'm just looking for what the best for me. Sadly what happen to the casing is definitely make me sad. SOBSSS. The next purchase I should just buy the refill but.. I need to repurchase together with the Casing again! More saving needed but I'm cool with it since the product still a lot after almost a year of using it. Well, I'm not really apply much for daily but I will apply more if I need more coverage. This powder is suitable for Normal to oily skin type. I like it. If you want to invest to purchase a good quality compact powder I suggest get this! but makesure handle with care. Do not broke the casing like I did. SOBBS!

p/s: I did not make this post as to "show off" or anything. I just share what I have and I find it the best for me and might be the best for you. But some people just misunderstood me. Ahhh~ and I purchase this using my own money. My father do not regularly support me when I want to purchase makeup/cosmetics or what so ever. So I have to make some my own saving if I want it. Please don't blindly think and judge me. Thank you.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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