Sunday, September 27, 2015

Foodies: Dolly Dim Sum, AvenueK KL


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Last Sunday (20 September 2015), I have a great quality time with my friends a.k.a my childhood friends. I knowing them for such a long time and just hopping that our friendship will stay last. We have been planning for our DimSum date for such a long time and finally we did it! We choose to go to Dolly Dim Sum located at Avenue K, KL. Obviously this is our first time enter a specific DimSum shop. 

I can tell this place have great deco inside out. This place so comfortable for chit-chat with your friends. 

So, as a beginner like me it is quite hard for me to order once I received the menu because it does not come with any illustration of picture of the food. Well, That in contrast I want to highlight because not so many people familiar with Dim Sum. I just hope they can provide a better menu list later Improve some for your customer! 

You have to ordered on your own. 
Since we don't know which one should we try just read the menu and choose what is that we familiar with for example prawn, eggs things like that. Hahahaa.. Kesian kann.. Next time, I have to bring along my friend who expert eating dim sum. Anyone?? Hahahaa..

Here what we choose to eat that day.

We choose Green Tea!

Here is out first order and trial of Dolly Dim Sum! Not enough obviouslyyy!! Hahahhaa

This might be our last hangout together this year . I mean four of us! Since my friend, Mira is flying to UK for further her study there. Happy for her yet sad at the same time. Wait for another year! We gonna miss you for sure Mira.

Here we add some more Dim Sum.

What I can describe about this taste it is DELICIOUS!!! Wahhh! quite surprise with the taste. I can see and feel the prawn in my mouth and every each details in the dim sum. Hahaha.. I don't know if I describe this weirdly but it is! Sedappppp.. Some are really new for me. and some I've taste it before. Yummmy. But, it is a bit priceyyyy. 3pcs cost around RM9.50-RM15.00 according to the type of the dimsum of your choice. Once in awhile boleh lahh.. I can recommended if you really looking for delicious Dim Sum. You can try at Dolly Dim Sum!

And here comes the bills! Hahahaa..

Till then, xoxo

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Farewell my friend - She flying to UK


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone 
Yesterday, My friends and I went to KLIA,Sepang to send off one of our best buddy because she is flying to United Kingdom to further her study over there. Congratulation for her because she got in to further her study at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. What the sad moment for us. I try to control myself for not crying but tear a bit fall. FAILED! Hahahaa.. Totally happy for her I hope she did well over there. InshaaAllah ada rezeki kami sampai sana. Hee.. See yaa lagi setahun babe! Keep in touch and remember us! We gonna miss you for sure..

Bye Azmira~~

We changing selfie in our whassap group before she departures. 
She just send a text to us that she safely arrived at Manchester, UK!! Looking forward for her respond soon. Just be happy and stay strong over there. Well, tempat orang kan. Take care of yourself. Belajar elok-elok. Just make sure you know that we love youuu~

Till then, xoxo

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WIW: Brick Orange yet flowery


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Hey, Its Saturday. I planned to stay at home and have some rest because last past few days I've been a little bit busy. As I supposed to plan to go some Boutique Hunt today but maybe tomorrow after Markets Jaya One. See yaa tomorrow. Heee. If you notice nowadays, I'm soo happy that Muslimah Fashion has take over the fashion scent in Malaysia Market. Where jubah/ dress becoming so trending and a lot of Muslimah boutique has rise in Market! As for this outfit post today, I wear this beautiful dress in brick orange color during the D'yana Grand Opening at Bangi. I owned this dress last year or two years ago maybe for Raya celebration. I really like the crochet effect on the arm part that make this dress looks classy yet very practical to wear at the same time. I match up with scarf from Bands Outlet. You can find more affordable stuff at Brands Outlet including wide cotton scarf like mine. I like the combination of this look and the color. To make it more pop-out I add some statement necklace from Forever 21 and apply some bright orange lipstick from Sephora. Hehehee.. So you barely notice me from far.. Heee~

 Outfit details:-
Shawl: Bazaar's
Dress: Poplook
Handbag: Mango
Necklace: Forever21
Rings: Lovisa
Sandal: Vincci
lipstick: SEPHORA it girl

Phototag @sizzlingsuzai
Thank you ahkak :)

Till then, xoxo

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Friday, September 25, 2015

WhatsUpKL: Spend your weekend at Markets16 by Jaya One


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
What are you up to this weekend?? NONE?? Seriously? 
Okay, let me give you some ideas where you can spend some quality time with you friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, family, siblings, cousins, or anybody. Hahahaa.. This Weekend (26 and 27 September 2015) there will be lifestyle bazaar called MARKETS by Jaya One! I'm sure many of you already know about this awesome bazaar right. 

 They making a comeback for their 16th installment that will be held at The School, Jaya One starting from 11am until 7pm. Now I remember that I've been to one of their bazaar last time. To be honest I was blinded with so many cool things selling over there. I tried some new cool food and stuff as well. You can check out my previous experience HERE. *that time I was soo fat! Hahahaha..

The list of the vendor that day! I'm sure you'll going crazy with all this set up! 

This sponsored by Shopee Malaysia, IOTT, Pelicana and DocLab! Markets 16 will boasts over 100 specially curated vendors ranging from limited-edition garments, vintage finds, accessories, pet-friendly products, tantalizing food and unique one-offs by budding homegrown entrepreneurs. 

Ohh yaaa! I heard that the first lucky 800 shoppers will get to walk away with special Goodie Bags consisting of homemade skincare products, cosmetics, accessories and more!! Let's be the lucky shoppers JOMM. 

To liven up the carnival-like atmosphere, bazaar goers are set to be entertained by various aspiring music artistes namely Djezna's Stalker, The SOundtrack, Joanne and Julia, Destinantion: Uptown, Isaac Ho and the local jazz quartet, SKAZZ Band.

Food?? You can looking forward to a host of food offerings available ranging from homemade desserts, pies, gourmet burgers from 25 foods vendors.  

Any fashion lover here?? raise you hand up! Because you'll stand a chance to win one unit of 1OTT satellite TV device worth approximately RM450 by participating in the #OOTD contest on Instagram. All you have to do is to upload a photo of your outfit with the hashtags #Markets16 #MarketsOOTD and #theschoolmy on your Instagram account. I'll definitely joining! hehehee.. OOTD is my thinggg~

For Beauty lover? Introduce you tooooo DocLab, a Korean-based skincare brand that specializes in face ampoules will be makin its debut in the Malaysian market at Matekts 16!! It is not end here, a whopping 3,000 free face ampoules will be given away to the public during the two-day event!!! If you interested to try it makesure head down to their booth!

What I can say that expect your weekend with fun, shopping, food, music under one roof at Markets 16!

For more info visit Markets facebook page:
Just be sure you know where is your favorite vendors are located! 

SEE YAA! I'll be there on Sunday,27 September 2015. Don't forget to say "Hi" if you saw me. Don't worry, I don't bite people but I'd love to take photo together~ Muahhhh.. 

Till then, xoxo

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

D'yana Boutique Grand Opening at Bangi Sentral


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
 Last Saturday I spend some time to the Grand Opening of D'yana Boutique. This boutique owned by to lovely husband and wife couple, Mr. Syafie and Mrs. Ira Abdullah. The Grand Opening was at Bangi Central. This is my very first time coming to Bangi Central and I was shock with the location over there. It is almost like Shah Alam Seksyen 7 already. A lot of boutiques with upraising name you can find over there including D'yana Boutique! This boutique is quite easy to find there. Ohh ya, I still remember the first time I come to their First ever boutique at The first D'yana Boutique Grand Opening at Wangsa Melawati but now guess what??! They already have 5 boutiques! The first located at Wangsa Melawati, Shah Alam, Alor Setar, Sg.Petani, Seremban 2 and the latest at Bangi Sentral. Upcoming boutique they planning going to open it at Kota Bharu Kelantan and Pasir Tumboh Kelantan! WOWWW! Caya lah D'yana Boutique! Congratulation~

Here some of D'yana Boutique collection.
D'yana Boutique is more for modern muslimah fashion. They come with various type of Jubah that practical to be wore yet look stylish at the same time. 

To be honest I own several of their collection and love it. Can check out the Outfit HERE and my diploma convocation Outfit HERE. I'm planning on getting one more collection soon ;)

Dyana Boutique used a very high quality of fabrics and material to ensure that all customer will satisfied with the dress/Jubah they bought and comfortable to wear it at any time especially on special occasions.. 

Every dress were made with specific design and material like labuci, breads and any lacey type. 

 In my wishlist! Hehee..

 Look how beautiful the detailing of this Jubah dress! Like emmm~

The service at D'yana Boutique was great. The staff all friendly and nice to each other. 
Even the owner is nice and treat customer with high class service. Hehehee..

 Here the special shawl from D'yana Boutique

Meet Mrs. Ira Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of D'yana Boutique. SHe really nice and soft-spoken person. Thank you Kak Ira for the invitation. Really appreciate it. I hope your business will growing even better and faster. InshaaAllah.

My sizzles sista, Kak Suzai.

 Kak Nannie, dagu tu mahal!

with Yayanatsumi, cute person and talkative at the same time. 

 I meet-up with my blogger buddies here. Glad have someone that we can talk and chit chat with. Really nice to meet you guys. Until we meet again yahh.. MUAHHH~

The moment the boutique are open for customer. WOWW! Berpusu-pusu orang masuk~

 Look at the crowd! Semua sakan shopping for Raya Adha maybe.. Untung lahhh~

 Why D'yana Boutique always GRAND with their Opening. SEE! Siap berkemah bagai for the customers to enjoy some foods and have a rest while shopping at their boutique.

 See! nak makan pun selfie pika ni.. Hahahaa..

Okay, Happy with D'yana Boutique collection.
*okeh, akak belakang tu lagi power shopping banyak!

If you live near Bangi or Kajang area. Now much easier for you to shop D'ayan Collection.
You can check out D'yana Boutique at Bangi Sental.
Operation Hour: 11am - 8pm (Monday-Sunday)
Contact No: 0185878020


Check out their:-
Facebook: d'
for more info and new updates of their collection and SALES!

I heard they having sales until 27th September 2015 !!
Why wait!! Jom serang D'yana Boutique NOWWWW.. I will go this Saturday.. Hehhehh after kenyang makan daging korban..

Till then, xoxo

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