Sunday, September 07, 2014

Beauty: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing powder in Maui 3


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I'm not really into blusher as I'm into lipstick or eyeshadow because I rarely used blusher. I only apply blusher for special event or occasion. One day I was looking for a blusher and I found this amazing beautiful color at Bobbi Brown store. I giving a long long stare to it and I started to swatch it and turns out the color are super beautiful. I say in my heart that "OMG! This is what I've been looking for" The color is so pretty. The the beauty consultant come to me and I ask about the blusher I swatch just now turns out that is not labeled as blusher it is a bronzing powder. Hehee.. I find this funny! The color are definately shown as a blusher color but it is actually bronzing powder. Since, I already fall in love with this color I could not think of any other color and simple grab it and I remain used this as BLUSHER~~ Lalalalalaa~~~

Product Details:-
Name: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing powder
Code: Maui 3
Shade: A pink coral bronze
Net weight: 8g
Price: RM105.00
Where to buy: Bobbi Brown Store

This is how the packaging looks like. The packaging design is soo sleek and nice. It does look luxury and classy same with the price as well. Huhuu..However, I like the packaging and it is a little bit kinda bulky but I like it. 

The product come like in a pressed bronzing powder.

I apply this bronzing powder onto my apple check since I using this as a blusher because I don't see this as bronzer at all. Lalalalaaa~~

This powder is soft and smooth. It was formulated with a unique and innovative blend a sheer powder and micro pearls that will give some glowing effect and healthy skin look. It has perfect amount of shimmers in it, just nice and I think it suitable for me. Gives you the beautiful natural sheen look The shimmer seem naturally when you apply. The color is so beautiful pink-coral that will give you the look of natural and glowing finish on your skin. Thr gorgeous color are the reason why I decide to owned one. the texture is blendable. I have an combination to oily skin type and this work perfectly on my skin. This powder easy to apply where it will glides on evently and gives skin a seamless and sheer natural-looking glow. I apply this bronzing powder onto my apple check since I using this as a blusher because I don't see this as bronzer at all not even once. Hehee.. I apply this powder using my blusher brush from Everyday Mineral and this work just nice together. It helps me blends evenly well on my check. In this range they also come with some dark shade like Bali Brown if I'm not mistaken really beautiful color but it has slight shimmer in it which I don't think I will like bronzer with shimmer cause I prefer bronzer in matte finish. But anyhow, I'm glad that I found this color. I really love this. As usual, I'm only using blusher for special event or occasion.  Heee... I'm happy with my purchase. To be honest this is a great investment for me. It is a bit costy but the product itself is worth to have. Overall I can say that the texture is soft and goes beautiful on skin. Just a wonderful product. That all what I can describe about this product. If you interested in purchase this go ahead and buy one you will love emm.

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  1. Such a pretty colour and if it was me, I would totally use it as a blusher too haha it looks lovely on you!