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Fashion: Ways To Look Fabulous With Statement Accessories


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I'm totally love with accessories. You can call me "accessoriesholic" I guess..For me accessories is always the best to mix & match your outfit look. It will help you to look more fabulous and effortlessly beautiful. Accessories are the perfect way to bring life to an outfit without having to burn a hole in your wallet. Normally you can add a new look to their outfit by selecting any piece of accessories such as necklace, earrings, bangles or even rings. You can choose from various type of accessories nowadays, just select you design, colours and style that suite you the most instead of wearing the normal silver of gold plated accessories. For me, I prefer to choose statement accessories for my necklace, bangle and rings. Statement accessories are suitable to be worn with any outfits as they are fun and colourful but wear it wrongly will definitely ruin your look.

WIW: Burgandy and Stripes

A stunning statement accessories is a simple yet effective way to enhance your basic look/outfit.
Statement accessories also will work with any of hijab style but ensure that you scarf are more to plain color or less design on it so you could place your statement necklace on top of it. Or you also can just simply wearing a bunch of statement bangles that can helps to make you look simple but fashionable.

You can choose from various style that can match your entire look. For my opinion with just a statement accessories it will enhance and build up your simple style. The perfect way of wearing fashion statement accessories is that it only takes one piece to make you have an eye catching outfit whether just a necklace or a pair of bold coloured earrings. For example, a blue statement necklace looks great paired with a nude coloured dress and a turquoise dangling pair of earrings matched with an off shoulder top gives you an elegant look. Statement accessories are preferably to be worn one at a time to ensure your outfit is well balanced.

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Other than that, big chunky necklaces should always be worn with a simple design of clothing. Imagine if you wear a bright coloured necklace with an Aztec design pattern blouse, you will definitely have a crowded outfit look. Maintain a simple plain neutral or colour blocking patterns of clothes when attempting to wear fashion statement accessories.  As we can see that celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Katy Perry are a fan in mix matching their outfits with statement jewelleries. They always maintain a simple but classy look everywhere they go without going wrong.

WIW: Monochrome and Pastel Pink Belacan

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Not to mention, statement bracelets and bangles are also a simple touch which could completely enhance your entire outfit. To pull off statement bracelets or bangles into your outfit without looking ridiculous is easy by making sure your arms are bear or wear a slim fit sleeve top. Why do I say this? This is to create a focal point of attention at your arms without much effort. 

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