Friday, June 27, 2014

Beauty: Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder


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As I promise from the previous post, I want to make a review about this New Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder. I will honestly review about this product according to my opinion and my experiment which I'm already used this product. Honestly I can say that I'm quite satisfied with this product. Well, I can say that this product suitable for those who always sweating and have oily skin problem like me. This product available in Malaysia starting June 2014

This is how the product looks like. I kinda like this new packaging. It really nice and easy to carry as well.
This is like the on the go cake powder. This unique formula makes White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF 34 PA+++ perfect for all-day use, especially if you are always on the go but still want your makeup to look fresh from morning till night without having to touch up constantly. Providing up to 12 hours of long-lasting freshness and 12 hours of UV protection, White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF 34PA+++ ensures that freshness stays true while your complexion appears white, even throughout your busy schedule. pores don't get clogged up either with its lightweight formula

The innovative system goes beyond sebum absorption.
It helps speed up sweat drying and evaporation so skin remains clean. 

Product Details:-
Name: Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder
Code: 04 Honey
Shade: Medium yellow undertone
Net weight: 9g

This powder contain Mineral Perlite content that contains 5x the absorbing power of talc. make it more effective towards sweat and sebum just with one application. It will absorb and entraps sweat and sebum as well as speed up sweat evaporation to prevent build-up. This faster drying action results in a clean touch and fresh makeup all day. You no longer need touch up

My skin is definitely oily type and I have a problem with sweats. I tend to sweating a lot especially during a very hot weather sometime I just walk from one place to another I also easy to get sweating. I sweat a lot! When I mean a lot, It is really a lot and often!! Even, when I apply makeup, the makeup starts to fades away.  When I start to use this cake powder I can feel the different myself. I can feel and see that my makeup and powder stay pun a bit longer than usual. Impressed !! As it claimed that Maybelline White Superfresh contains Perlite, which has 5X talc's absorption to soak up sweat and oil for 12 hours. So, for those who have a problem like me I suggest you to try this Cake Powder. It is really affordable and easy to get . The texture is also nice and lightweight. It doesn't give any weird smell or any irritating effect on my skin so far. This product also contain high in SPF that is SPF 34 PA+++ that can protect our skin from any direct UV rays and sunlight. It quite high compare to any other Compact powder I guess. So, why not you try this. This is totally recommend for the beginners as well. I can say that this powder helps me to look a little bit white and fresh from the moment I apply it. Normally my skin will starts to appear oily in the afternoon and I have to wash my face and reapply powder but after used this powder I can see that even in the afternoon my oily face does not seem really oily as usual. Serious talk. If you can't believe me you can try it yourself and feel the different. I can say that this is totally pay off with the price its offer. 

Retail Price: RM23.90
Refills: RM11.90

Where to get:-
Watsons, Guardian, or any Maybelline Counter 

It is really easy to apply just use the puff application that provided and apply White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++ all over face. Best method is to "dapp dapp" on your skin not "swappp" it all over. Get a clean and fresh feel with the latest cake powder breakthrough from Maybelline New York, Stay white and super fresh all day. No more touch-ups, no more clogged pores. Hope my review will help you. But I have to say that this product may react differently depending on your skin type. But I wish the best for you as well :)

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  1. wow~~seems like an amazing powder!! me too have a serious issues with oils & sweat..menarik ni!!..hehe tapi curious sikit la..non-comedogenic tak compact ni?

    1. It is quite amazing I guess.. If you have oily and sweat issues you can try this product..try if this works for you or not..