Monday, June 30, 2014

NARS Summer 2014 Color Collection


Hello everyone !

Since NARS has landed in Malaysia all makeup junkie and makeup gurus are excited about this. Well, I'm just a beginner tho and no expert so I still learning about this. NARS is the high-end makeup brand and they only have one store in Malaysia currently at Pavilion. Finally I got to lay on my hand on this babies.. AWHHH! I got NARS Summer 2014 Color Collection Make Up. This Collection was actually released last month..

NARS Products are come with a beautiful packaging of products. The structured and sleek design of the product was designed to make it look classy and exclusive. Which is matches to the price as well. hehehee..

I get lay on my hand to this beautiful 3 product for NARS Summer 2014 Color Collection. 

The main about NARS Summer 2014 Collection is the colorful eyeshadows !
I think this is what all makeup junkie was waiting for their summer eyes makeup collection.

1. NARS Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow

NARS Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow is a Neon lemon lime and Icy lavender shades. The combination was amazing that seem lively eye makeup for summer. At first sign I was like.. Really?? but once I have tried this eyeshadow I was totally fall in love with it. It seem like I'm out from my 'comfort zone'. Normally I would love something with earth to normal shade but this totally huge. This duo's was great for vibrant and cheerful look. The color won't necessarily match in a traditional sense. It is fashion-forward shade pairings and true color application. NARS Duo Eyeshadow was well known as a modern, unique, sometimes unexpected color combinations of eyeshadow shades. This eyeshadow can be worn alone or you can also combine the colors together. All NARS Duo Eyeshadow feature micro-fine powders that a pigmented, long-wearing and crease resistant. The color glides on smoothly on the eyes. Can be applied dry or with a dampened brush for stronger intensity. The effects can be subtle or smoldering. The NARS Summer 2014 Color Collection are NARS Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow and NARS Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow. 

Price: RM 120
Net weight: 4g

2. NARS Melacca Single Eyeshadow

NARS Melacca Single Eyeshadow are decribed as an Iridescent Peacock shades. You may see it as a green eyeshadow but it has a dark brown base eyeshadow with a micro green pigment on it. You can refer to the swatches picture below to see it. This color give you more dramatic edge. It is a little bit of shimmers but not too much. The color are really pretty and give some sophisticated and luminous looks. NARS Single Eyeshadow is a luminous, light-reflecting powders for shading, highlighting and lining eyes. It is highly pigmented and long-lasting wearing. It crease-resistant colors glides on smoothly on your eyes. True color application where NARS saturate eyeshadows with pigment so that the result on the eyes is the same as you can see in compact. It can be applied dry or with a dampened brush fro heightened intensity

Price: RM90
Net weight: 2.2g

3. NARS Baalbek Eye Paint

NARS Baalbek Eye Paint are described as a bronze shade but if you see with the naked eye you can see it is more to gold pigment but once you applied it show a bronze color instead. This is more to shimmery eyeliner but as you can see to the swatches picture below it not too shimmer just nice and smooth. The color are quite pretty and not as the usual eye gel pot. I think it also suitable to used as a eyeshadow based for a long lasting effect. It is a weightless gel. Once you applied you can see that it will glides smoothly and dries quickly as well. NARS Eye Paint is for a line, highlight, shades and define with moderm versatility. It is a brilliant pot of high-impact pigment in an innovative silky, weightless gel formula. It is rich, hyper-saturated shades that glides smoothly and dry down quickly in long-lasting finishes from icy metalics modern mattes. Elevated artistry that boldly strays from the straight and narrow. It show a magical effects that creates with pairing colours together for multi-dimensional looks with intensity. It also claims that this eye paint can last up to 18 hours.Amazing! 

Price: RM95
Net weight: 2.5g

This is the swatches of the NARS Melacca Single Eyeshadow, NARS Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow and NARS Baalbek Eye Paint. This was taken under the natural lighting

So hurry up, You can get your NARS Cosmetics Products at NARS Pavilion, KL now..

My NARS Summer 2014 Collection Look
Here some look ideas I came up with by using this NARS Summer 2014 Collection. Normally when summer people are tend to used a very bright and vibrant colours as to enhance the look during summer and show a happy and funky look.

What do you think of My NARS Summer 2014 Look?

How do I creates this look??
It is really easy to apply where I just apply the Icy lavender shade from NARS Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow at the inner corner of my eyes and I apply the Neon lemon lime to the center and outer corner of my eyes. Blends the colour smoothly with each others so it does not showing any gaps of colour. Next, I simply apply the Iridescent Peacock shades from NARS Melacca Single Eyeshadow on my eye crease and blend it with the neon lemon line eyeshadow. After that I put on a line of bronze eyeliner from NARS Baalbek Eye Paint and put on some winged at the outer corner. As for the lower eye, I just apply the neon lemon lime and finish it with the bronze eyeliner at the outer corner of my eye. I apply it as a semi-liner to the lower eye. Complete my look with coats of mascara, apply bronzer and bright red-orange lipstick ..

Don't forget to grab you NARS Summer 2014 Collection NOWW! You will excited to have it..believe me! hehee..I hope you like my review and My NARS Summer 2014 look. Hehehee..I'm no professional but I would love to learn more and share more with my friends and readers! If you have any suggestion please leave a comment on the comment box down below so we can keep in-touch and I also can improve myself :) 

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

WIW: Bright & Happy Colors


Hello everyone !

Tomorrow Ramadhan Begins!! Alhamdulillah once again I feel blessed and happy that I'm still able to celebrate this Holly month of Ramadhan where all Syaitan will be away and only the time for us to ibadah to Allah. I wish my Ramadhan will be better than last year. But I'm feel a little down because this year Ramadhan is the first year Ramadhan without my mom. I miss her so badly, even last few days I dream of her. I can't really recall what was the dream about but it is totally happy feel but once I woke up I realize that My Mom already passed away and starts to tears. Sobsss.. Al-Fatihan for my mom..! May all of you have a blessed Ramadhan. Amin :)

I actually don't want to tell a sad story here, but I could't resist it. However, Let me just proceed with my WIW Post. I want to share my lookpost that I recently wear to The Safi Shayla Makeover Session last Sunday. I will update you the story latter and share with you who is the winner..hehee..As if you follow my Instagram you will definitely know..kekekee...The Outfit that I'm wearing that day is a bit colourful and cheerful as I try to bring a friendly character..hahaha..Funny! My look is totally happy and colourful which have a combination of pink and turquoise. This color combination was totally up and strike. I match this look with a burgundy pashmina and I place a statement necklace on top of it. I just can't get enough with this style. I got a lot of request for this tutorial. But right now I'm totally super busy since I'm on Final Examination now. Actually If you search on Youtube there are more than 100 tutorials can show you but If you still want me to do it I will help you but just as a reminder that I'm no pro just simple style okay laa..and I also cannot really promise when but I will try my best :) By the way, thank you soo much for supporting me. May Allah bless you!!

What I Wear:
Scarf: Pashmina
Pink Blazer: Vintage
Maxi Skirt: The Old Blossom Box
Statement Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Vincci Accessories

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Beauty: Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder


Hello everyone !

As I promise from the previous post, I want to make a review about this New Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder. I will honestly review about this product according to my opinion and my experiment which I'm already used this product. Honestly I can say that I'm quite satisfied with this product. Well, I can say that this product suitable for those who always sweating and have oily skin problem like me. This product available in Malaysia starting June 2014

This is how the product looks like. I kinda like this new packaging. It really nice and easy to carry as well.
This is like the on the go cake powder. This unique formula makes White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF 34 PA+++ perfect for all-day use, especially if you are always on the go but still want your makeup to look fresh from morning till night without having to touch up constantly. Providing up to 12 hours of long-lasting freshness and 12 hours of UV protection, White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF 34PA+++ ensures that freshness stays true while your complexion appears white, even throughout your busy schedule. pores don't get clogged up either with its lightweight formula

The innovative system goes beyond sebum absorption.
It helps speed up sweat drying and evaporation so skin remains clean. 

Product Details:-
Name: Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder
Code: 04 Honey
Shade: Medium yellow undertone
Net weight: 9g

This powder contain Mineral Perlite content that contains 5x the absorbing power of talc. make it more effective towards sweat and sebum just with one application. It will absorb and entraps sweat and sebum as well as speed up sweat evaporation to prevent build-up. This faster drying action results in a clean touch and fresh makeup all day. You no longer need touch up

My skin is definitely oily type and I have a problem with sweats. I tend to sweating a lot especially during a very hot weather sometime I just walk from one place to another I also easy to get sweating. I sweat a lot! When I mean a lot, It is really a lot and often!! Even, when I apply makeup, the makeup starts to fades away.  When I start to use this cake powder I can feel the different myself. I can feel and see that my makeup and powder stay pun a bit longer than usual. Impressed !! As it claimed that Maybelline White Superfresh contains Perlite, which has 5X talc's absorption to soak up sweat and oil for 12 hours. So, for those who have a problem like me I suggest you to try this Cake Powder. It is really affordable and easy to get . The texture is also nice and lightweight. It doesn't give any weird smell or any irritating effect on my skin so far. This product also contain high in SPF that is SPF 34 PA+++ that can protect our skin from any direct UV rays and sunlight. It quite high compare to any other Compact powder I guess. So, why not you try this. This is totally recommend for the beginners as well. I can say that this powder helps me to look a little bit white and fresh from the moment I apply it. Normally my skin will starts to appear oily in the afternoon and I have to wash my face and reapply powder but after used this powder I can see that even in the afternoon my oily face does not seem really oily as usual. Serious talk. If you can't believe me you can try it yourself and feel the different. I can say that this is totally pay off with the price its offer. 

Retail Price: RM23.90
Refills: RM11.90

Where to get:-
Watsons, Guardian, or any Maybelline Counter 

It is really easy to apply just use the puff application that provided and apply White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++ all over face. Best method is to "dapp dapp" on your skin not "swappp" it all over. Get a clean and fresh feel with the latest cake powder breakthrough from Maybelline New York, Stay white and super fresh all day. No more touch-ups, no more clogged pores. Hope my review will help you. But I have to say that this product may react differently depending on your skin type. But I wish the best for you as well :)

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Launching of Maybelline New White Superfresh


Hello everyone !

On Monday, 23 June 2014 I was invited to join to the Private Event The launch of Maybelline New White Superfresh Cake Powder. Not just that, on that day also Maybelline also introduce the another 3 New Product that is Colossal Kajal, Hypercosmos Trio Eyeshadow and Pink Alert by Color Sensational. The event were held at the Porcelene Jazz Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana. 

I was a liltle bit early that day..
 I manage to try the product except for my lipstick since my lipstick is really hard to be removed. hewhewheww..

I will share each product one by one and share with you about the short introduction and review about the products as well.

1. White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder

This is totally what we've been waiting for..Maybelline introduce the new compact powder that easy for us to carry and suitable for Malaysia humid weather as well. This powder has SPF 34 PA+++ . I was suprise because the SPF is quite hight compare to others compact powder. In Malaysia we cannot run from the humid weather and our skin will start to sweat and tend to gets oily as well. but this product will solve your I mean our problems. I helps us to look fresh and white up to 12 hours starts from application of the powder. The unique clean touch powder system, white Superfrsh Cake Powder SPF 34 PA+++ leaves behind an ultra-smooth surface on you skin. The innovative system goes beyond sebum absorption where it helps speed up sweat drying and evaporation so skin remains clean.  This powder contain Mineral Perlite content that contains 5X the absorbing power of talc. make it more effective towards sweat and sebum just with one application. It will absorp and entraps sweat and sebum as well as speed up sweat evaporation to prevent build-up. This faster drying action results in a clean touch and fresh makeup all day. You no longer need touch up

Price: RM 23.90
Refill pack: RM11.90

On that day as well, to prove the effectiveness of this product They give us a chance to Experiment the different between the normal Talc and Maybelline White Superfresh. On the left container "Brand X" is a normal talc and on the right is Maybelline White Superfresh Powder. 

They give us to try the effective of the product by put a few drop of water inside the Talc and a few drop on the Maybelline White Superfresh. 

As the result it shows that The normal talc cannot absorb the water and while the Maybelline White Superfresh the water molecule start to shrink and we can see that the Mineral Perlite do the job.. As we touch it with oil paper we can see that the result shows white superfresh are holding and grip together on the part where the water drop while the talc not.

The next one, We also experiment it using oil. and the result is the same. It shows that Maybelline White Superfresh can absorb the oil faster than the normal talc. 

Next is the demonstration for the Maybelline White Superfresh by the Maybelline makeup artist.
He also show us a few Makeup Trick and Demo using Maybelline Products. 

Well, I will review more details about this Powder soon because currently my favorite powder and my routine daily to apply this. I will share my review with you about this product more. Wait for it...

2. Colossal kajal
This New eyeliner from Maybelline. Eyeliner is a must have product for everyone even for the beginners as well used eyeliner. This is also a routine makeup that every girl will have. This eyeliner is specially formulated for under eye and inner eye application, Colossal kajal contains the deepest black pigments to intensify your eyes much like the hypnotic kajal trend that is taking the beauty scene by storm. its exclusive color fix formula and unique tip ensure that you get a smooth black line in just one step. You don't have to worry about smudges because Colossal Kajal claims that it is a smudge-proof and waterproof up to 12 hours. Its ingredients that is olive oil esters, vitamin E, vitamin C derivatives and conditioning agents are gentle on the eyes and preventing irritating or sensitivity. you can draw a thin line for a natural everyday look and for dramatic effect draw a thicker and intense line on your eyes. 

Price: 19.90

I was able to try out this product myself. The Colossal Kajal is true black. The makeup artist help me to touch up a little bit on my underline using this Colossal kajal and I like it. I give the effect of Big Eyes and if you draw a full line your eyes will looks like a arabic person I guess. hehehee..very nice !

 3. Hypercosmos Trio Eyeshadow
Next one is also new product from Maybelline. Thsi Trio Eyehsadow have 4 different shades and each one with unique color finish. In each eyeshadow contain 3 different color thats why it is called as Trio Eyeshadow. Start from left in the picture is 05 Galactic Purple, 04 Pinky Comet, 01 Coppered Mars and 02 Venus Gold. The latest eyeshadow from Maybelline New York is your must-have to copy the hot metalic ook that is trending on runway. A marbleized baked eyeshadow, Hupercosmos Trio Eyeshadow finishes off with a unique 3D effect and stunning metalic finish. Its formula of unique pure color pigments and uncrushed pearls enhances eyes with intense shine and shimmer.

Price: 29.90

4. Pink Alert by Color Sensational
Who love pink Lips??? Me ! Me ! Me ! hehehee.. This is a New shocking pink look by Maybelline. This is a Maybelline New York's latest range from its popular Color Sensational lip franchise. Consisting of new pink fashion shades, Pink Alert by Color Sensational combines vivid red-based pigments to coat lips with a striking hue. Its nourishing honey nectar leaves behind a creamy feel so lips don't look or feel dry. The result is a popping pink shade that is oh-so-pretty and trendy. 

Price: 29.90

It is available in 4 gorgeous pink shades as you can see I've swatch each shades on my palms.. They have POW 1, POW 2, POW 3 and POW 4. All pink shades with different tones and based colour.

This Pink Alert by Color Sensational is specially formulated to suit all skin tones. It is either you have fair, medium or even darker skin tone you are able to used this lipstick and it will match perfectly with your skin tone. It glides smooth on the lips and you can apply more layer for intense effect. 

Here the 3 gorgeous models that been makeover by the makeup artist. All of them ar beautiful and makeover with different style.

The launching went well! I do enjoy myself that day. Trying Maybelline New Products and if you have any products that I mention above and you would like me to review among this four please let me know yahh.. But as the Maybelline White Superfresh I will definitely share it with you guyss because it might be the powder that you looking for. 

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


Monday, June 23, 2014

WIW: Burgandy and Stripes


I think the best color for me this year goes to Burgundy!! 

I think Burgundy color really into me this year. I keep eyeing for this color when ever I want to choose my dress and cloth. I got this outerwear from The Poplook. I'm crazy with their collection. I match this with my black and white big stripe dress from @wlm_plussize . Like my previous post as well, I'm totally like their collection where you can find a very affordable dress and cloths for plussize body like mine or even bigger. Thumbs Up! Go check out their insta shop now. If you noted that my picture this time more like "Superman" the outerwear blow by the wind and I'm ready to fly..hehehee....

What I Wear:-
Glitter Shawl: @dfashionig [Instagram]
Outerwear: The Poplook
Maxi Dress: @wlm_plussize [Instagram]
Handbag: Something Borrowed
Necklace: Forever 21
Red Wedges: Forever 21

Photo credit to Sizzling Suzai
Edited by me

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Someone stole MY PHONE !! #mynote3


hello everyone, how are you doing?
Me?? NOT FINE! Totally feeling down and depressed !
I lost my phone again, this time not my careless mistake but totally been stole by someone!!
can you imagine that you lost your phone while you are in the middle of doing something important. All important contacts numbers are saved in there and suddently gone??!!! I'm totally freak out that time..

So, this is what basically how the situation happen. Warning! totally a long story with every details.
-ignore my grammar mistake- 

         On 19 June 2014, I was at my University to prepare for my presentation. The presentation were held on the Bilik Gerakan, Block B, Fakulti Pengurusan Ladang dan Agroteknologi, UiTM Jasin, Melaka. The subject at that time was AGR499. Honestly, This code was my repeat paper code that I have to take again since my last semester performance was bad. I have to admit that I'm not a very clever student who always scores A's in their subject. I'm just a normal human being that still in a learning process and have a long long journey to go. So, I was with a few of my friends that in the same batch with me who also repeat the paper and the rest are juniors. I was in group of ten to present out paper work and I was one of the speaker that time. Before the presentation starts, of course I was belek-belek and scroll my handphone, actually I was in the middle to upload a picture to Instagram. but suddenly, lecturer called our group to starts our presentation. As the speaker that time I feel it is inappropriate for me to present while holding my handphone on my hand so I ask my friend, YY to look out and care for my handphone for a moment. I gave the phone hand by hand to her. My friend,YY also in the same group with me on the presentation it just that she not speaker lahhh.. So I put trust on her. And I assume everything was safe and my phone are with her, YY. 

          I was not think about my phone during that time because I was focusing on the presentation and the lecturer comment about our paper work. Well I feel nervous of course together along with others speaker on the group which is my juniors. So, after the presentation are done and settle I was about to reach my friend, YY and ask if my phone are with her. So, I go for Solat Zohor at that moment and my friend contacting my other friend, ZZ who are with me at that time and saying that my phone are not with her, YY. I was shock and rush to the presentation room again. At the moment I arrive to the presentation room I try to call my number using my friend phone and I was even more shock when the operator says "Sorry, Please try latter" !! You know what it means right. It means that my phone were switch off and totally in offline mode!! OMG!!! My eyes starts to "produce" a tears. The tears are then slowly fall of to my check and my eyes turn red. As I try my best to find the handphone on the room, and the phone was not there. A few juniors who were the last group that present on that day aslo help me to find the search around the room area. I have to skip the class [subject AGR524] at that hour because I can't enter to the class with my eye in red of crying and my brain are suddenly stop working. I was totally freak out! 

         As I reach my rental house I still can't believe thats how was my last moment of me with my handphone. SOOO SADD! I cry and cry and cry until my head hurt I cannot think straight and proper. Everything comes in one. I was try my best to track my handphone using my laptop but since the handphone was on offline mode so it is hard for me to track down. My head hurts sooo damn much at that time. I don't know what to do. You know the feeling when you crying so hard and your head start to "vibrating". Thats how I feel at that moment. 

Source: Google

          So, at the evening, my friend, YY come to my rental house and explain what is really happen at that time. She says that " At first moment, she want to put my phone and hers on the packet but since it is too heavy, So she decide to put the phone on the table infront us during the presentation together with her phone as well. She also was focusing for the presentation. As when the presentation are done, she only saw her phone on the table and mine already gone." She suspect that the phone were missing during the presentation. since we present in a small hall room, where others groups are waiting for their turns. Well, a lot of eyes were watching what we up to and the thief hand are get ready to grab the chance when to take my handphone. The most weird thing is the thief are only aim for my phone because my friend's handphone, YY are still on the table. 

          I cannot think straight that time, as my roommate arrive, she says why not you just make a police report. it is important to protect out properties and belongings. As I think it is also a good way to do rather than cry. I go to Police station at Jasin, Melaka. Together with my friends including YY because she also involve in this situation. As I reach at the police station, I make a report and tell everything that happen step by step to the Police Officer. Great that she is nice and easy to cooperate with. First of all, people may think that it is funny to make a police report about a lost of phone but this is actually a serious problem. The Inspector said it to me. This will make things even worst if you do not make any report. Alhamdulillah. Settle with the police report and everything. I already gave them the IMEI Serial Number for my phone to be track down. As I think that it is a good way to do. Inshaallah, Kita berusaha dan ikhtiar.

My police report prove !!

          The next day, 20 June 2014 I was still in a daze plus I have two test that day [different subjects]. First test was in the morning [apa aku jawab pun tak tahu lahh] and second was at the evening. The evening test was the subject AGR499. As I think that I should called my lecturer that teach that subject to ask a help from her to makesure that all people that involve on the presentation that day to gather after the test are done. After the test done [apa aku jawab pun tak pasti lahh..hurmmm] Alhamdulillah, Madam kept her promise to gather all students that involve for the presentation that day. As I speak and annouce to them that my phone were missing, people are starts wondering and make that issue as a simple things. GOSHHH! you know how frustrated I was that time. HURMMM..SEDIHH.. I even show the prove of the police report I made yesterday. As I hope the thief can personally come forward or see me face-to-face also fine for me but unfortunately NON! HURMMM..They just cannot think what will happen to them if police can track and trace my phone, the thief can be jailed or even worst the thief can be dismiss from the University. So, I hope the thief can come forward and return my phone so I can cancel my report. I also think the best for both sides. I don't like to cause trouble to anyone, but the thief do not come forward. What can I do, I tried my best already. Now I just have to wait for the police to call/contact me and tell the results of their investigation. I hope everything are doing well. I hope the police officer and Inspector can do their job properly to against this thief. 

Source: Google

         For now, I don't suspect anyone. This is my big mistake which I can easily trust everyone around me. People can easily fooled me around. HURMMM..Yelahh..Kita percaya dekat kawan kita tak sangka pulak jadi macam ni...I don't aspect this kind of thing will happen. This is a big lesson for me. I have to be more careful next time. Peribahasa: Malang tak berbau atau Nasi sudah menjadi bubur apa boleh buat kan... I have to makesure that I can take a good care of my personal belongings and do not put a 100% trusts to anyone, never never never!! doesn't matter that he/she is your friends or not because nowadays we cannot easily trust anyone. I really take this as a serious mistake. 

I'm truly deeply in DOWN and DEPRESSED mood right now!

Some people might says and think that this is just a small matter but it is a totally Big Matter for me. The handphone might not so canggih like yours lahh. Mine was only SAMSUNG NOTE III in White Rose Gold je.. I purchased this handphone at SAMSUNG Store, One Utama last February 2014 as a present from My dad to me. Tak sampai setahun pun lagi handphone tu, Warranty still available lagi. HURMMMM..The phone is very meaningful to me!! I kept a lot of important works as a blogger in there the picture of product that I need to review and what so ever important stuff in it. I also afraid that my picture can be misused by some people that not responsible. Just imagine that your were in my shoes right nowww!!!

I miss my phone already!!

A letter to the THIEF 

Dear Thief, 

          I never think that you are willing to do this ugly and bad things. You know that this is WRONG but why you do it??? WHY??? Are you that desperate?? Have you ever think about your future and family especially your parents. What will your parents reaction if they know that their children end up become a thief?? You study hard to reach until this degree level but you act like a "Sampah Masyarakat" attitude. What have you done is totally UNFORGIVABLE ! You make your family feel ashamed with you plus the Final Examination just around the corner, you not even worried that it will affect you studies and life??? However, I wish best of luck for you. Saya TAK HALAL kan barang yang kamu curi. It is totally HARAM once you stole and used it, remember your step to Neraka/HELL are closer. Remember that you have to meet me at the Padang Masyar sebab nak return my phone at that time memang useless lahh. I'm not saying that I'm a good person myself I also make mistake but I really hate THIEF !! HURMMMMM... I hope Allah will open your heart to change you to be a better person. But just saying that Saya TAK TIDAK AKAN HALAL kan apa yang kamu curi tu !!! But I still giving you a chance to return my phone and personally ask for forgiveness to me. I'll consider that.

Thank you.


My head and heart HURT badly!
Kepala Runsing sangat.. It is 4.20am in the morning, I can't get proper still because I keep thinking of this problem..But I think I deserved some rest as well. So I will stop till here, if there is any updates about my phone I will share with you soon..I hope it is a great news instead of negative news..

Please PRAY the best for me.. 
As you pray for me, I also will pray for you to Allah/God to repay you more!

Usaha . Ikhtiar . Redha

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rizalman for Zalora


Hello Sweeties, 
Again, I really wanted to apologize to all of you for this delay post. I was so busy with assignment, test and quizzes, well you know lah life as a student! Assignment kalau tak bertimbun tak sah..Plus my Final Examination is around the corner now..FUHHH~
Okay SHUSHHHH! I don't want to story about my study life now..hehee..

Anyway, on 3 June 2014, I was invited to the Fashion Show to the Famous Malaysian Designer, Rizalman. This time Rizalman collaborate with ZALORA. The concept is New Age Couture-Driven Designs for the Modern Women. The collection is exclusive that celebrates fashionable elegance and sophistication. 

Rizalman's signature form-fitting cuts and elegant Baju Kurungs take the center stage in this collection, showcasing the evolution of the designer in presenting something new and fresh. embellishments are kept to a bare minimum, as Rizalman focused on the each piece. Jersey, lace, crape silk and georgette silk are used generously in addition to laces and metallic elements that creates and old-world sophistication that only Rizalman could have recreated.

My favorite piece!

Here the Full Video !
really interesting and amazing piece of art work..THUMBS UP!

Rizalman for ZALORA was also an opportunity for the designer to explore new areas of design.
the play of proportions and challenging classic design with new twists from conversation pieces. the outfits are given a modern uplift whilst maintaining the ladylike sensibility of their designs.

Among the fashion bloggers that time.. Akak Suzai, Hezley and Yusfariq

Malaysia hot couple! Love emmm! Friendly and Friendly 

Let's enjoy my selfie picture

such a friendly in person !! AWHHH..Malaysian Supermodel non others than Amber Chia !

left: meet her for the second time. don't have a time to talk because she was so busy with interviews from media..
right: with my blogger buddy, we have same passion in blogging, Shivani! It was nice meeting you that time babe..

Again! My favorite Couple..Awal & Scha :)

Last but not least with The Famous Malaysian Fashion Designer, Rizalman Ruzaini ! #selfie sikit..

I'm totally enjoy myself at the events. Meet up with awesome people! AWHHH...
Rizalman for ZALORA are currently available on and from 4th June and offers fashionistas across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei the chance to own Rizalman's latest collection.
So, Hurry Up and Pick your favourites NOW at ZALORA..!

p/s: I gonna do a special giveaway to brighten up your Hari Raya this year..wuuhuuuu~
HINT: The Fashion Show I attend..So, Stay Tuned !

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