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Safi Shayla and Hello Shaylanista !!


Hello sweeties,
I know you have heard about new product from SAFI that is Safi will be able to see their advertisement everywhere especially on television with the attractive and great song which is still keep on replay and play on my head now..hihihii.. “Saaafi shaylaaaaa” hehehee…

BTW, I have a great NEWS for all MY FRIENDS and READERS all over Malaysia…wait for it………..

But first, allow me to introduce more about Safi Shayla…
I stand a chance to try out this shampoo and conditioner.. Obviously I was super attracted by their packaging which have colourful and colorblock bottle and a great shape for shampoo will look more exclusive..hehehee..The bottle and colors does show and explain about the shampoo function..

Not just that.. The second thing I like about it was the Smell.. The fragrance of this shampoo.. The fragrance of this shampoo was awesome! THUMBS UP!! This shampoo have 4 type with different fragrance for each colors.. The smell is almost the same as your perfume.. Believe me..!! I even give my friends to try out each shampoo together with me and they also like about the fragrance!! Most Satisfied part about this shampoo..THUMBS UP AGAIN !!

I will explain one by one about this shampoo and its function and which one will be suitable for you to try..

The Orange Color for Hair Fall Control !

I know Hair fall was a problem for all women in Malaysia especially when it come with the hot weather and your head will keep sweating this will help to make you hair loss problem less and the fragrance was great.. As I mention before the smell was almost the same as your perfume and can last up to 48hours…

Covered hair with restricted air flow is the root cause of hair loss problem faced by hijab-wearing women.. Safi Shayla Hair Fall Control Shampoo is formulated with Habbatus Sauda and enriched with Protein to strengthen hair structure and reduce hair loss by up to 80%.. No more hair-loss worries !

The Turquoise is for Anti Dandruff

Dandruff!! Yes, another hair problem that always happen especially during our hot weather condition where you have to put your hijab on..Dandruff is not onl problem that faced by Hijabis but also for those who not wearing basically this shampoo is suitable for all person that faced dandruff problem..

Wearing hijab for a long period of time can cause excess sebum and sweat on scalp which leads to dandruff problem.. Safi Shayla Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is formulated with Habbatus Sauda and enriched with ZPT and Menthol to prevent dandruff 2X more effective from the very first wash..Hair will stay clean, healthy and dandruff-free now !

The Pink Magenta Color for Smooth & Manageable

Honestly, when I get this shampoo this is the first shampoo I tried!! Obviously because of the bottle color..kekekee..FUNNY! but not just that it is also because of the fragrance smell of this shampoo..the smell was like a sweet smell perfume!! Lovin’ it !! Honestly, I does work on what it have become more manageable..easy for me to comb and also easy for me to manage after my long day wearing hijab..

Tangle and uncontrollable hair shouldn't be a problem for hijab-wearing women.. Safi Shayla Smooth & Manageable Shampoo is formulated with Habbatus Sauda and enriched with Multivitamins to moisture, smoother and protect hair..For glossy, sliky smooth hair that’s easy to manage all day!

The green is for Fresh & Bounce

Among of the 4 shampoo this one is suitable for those who doesn’t love to much fragrances smell on their hair because it have a fresh and soft smell..rather than that it also will keep your hair soft and smooth all day long after you wash up..

Hair can become dull and limp after an attire day of wearing hijab in our hot, humid weather..Safi Shayla Fresh& Bounce Shampoo is formulated with Habbatus Sauda and enriched with Nano Lipis Enchancer to remove oil and clean scalp effectively for long-lasting fresh and bouncy hair..even until the end od the day when you remove your hijab !

Safi Shayla Shampoo was great..the best part is when you wake up in the morning you will find that your pillow will smell nice and fragrance like because of your hair..the smell dose last up to 48hours..and as usual you will wash up your hair once every 2 day..

Hair Conditioner

It is necessary for you to apply conditioner after wash your hair..This is the best result for you to get a soft and manageable hair..Safi Shayla also have hair conditioner.. for the best result, Simply apply this conditioner after wash your hair with Safi Shayla Shampoo and let it absorb to your hair for about 5-10 minutes before you rinse your hair..

Apply conditioner after shampooing for healthier, glossier hair,, Safi Shayla Hair Conditioner is formulated with 2X more Habbatus Sauda for silky soft and manageable hair. Also enriched with Multivitamins that nourish and moisturize hair to prevent split ends and dryness.. Now hair is smoother and easy to manage remain fragrant for 48 hours..

Scalp Refresher

This is new for me! I never try any scalp refresher before and thank goodness Safi Shayla have Scalp Refresher that will help your head feel fresh and energetic.. simply apply this Scalp Refresher onto your scalp and at the same time massage your head a little bit and let it for about 1 minute only, you will start to feel fresh…

Hair gets damp and icky easily in our hot and humid weather, especially when you are a hijab wearer.. New Safi Shayla Scalp Refresher is formulated with 5X more Habbatus Sauda and enriched with Menthol to refresh and revitalize scalp, relieving discomfort effectively and immediately..

You have to try the Safi Shayla Conditioner and Scalp Refresher as well...

You can watch the video more on Youtube:-

Do you know the Benefits of Habbatus Suada are??

Do you know that Habbatus Sauda can cure al diseases except for death.. Habbatus Sauda can reduces the risk of cancer & heart disease, it also can control diabetes, increase nutrient absorption and enhance the digestive system..As you I mention before that SAFI Shayla Shampoo and Conditioner contains Habbatus Sauda that can help to encourages hair growth and dandruff reduction..That what makes SAFI Shayla Shampoo different and good compare to others…

Now I want to announce about the GREAT NEWS I mention earlier…

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Ohh yaa... Here some example of OOTD idea you can choose ;)

Well, I'm still not that expert in this but you can choose what suitable for you the most..
Just follow the SAFI Shayla colours [ OrangeTurqoisePinkGreen ] ....

Don't miss out this great opportunity and go grab your SAFI Shayla Shampoo NOW!
It is available at any Hypermarket like Giant, Tesco and also mini market or pharmacy near you..
This shampoo only cost you RM7.70 [160ml] and RM12.70 [320ml]..Super Affordable...

For more info go visit:-

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



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    1. thank you fana...JOM la JOIN fana..Inshaallah..peluang nak menang and dapat free makeover tu ada..JOIN taw taw..

  2. hamagaahhh your fashion scent are top notch! love all the ootdsss!