Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Product Review: Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation


Hello Sweeties,

Foundation Review?? YESSS!!
I personally get the foundation at Mahkota Parade, Melaka..That day, I want to go hangout with my friends and I saw Guardian having a sale and I accidentally bought Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation and 2 Revlon Lipsticks..I will review about the 2 lipstick later on..but now I want to review about one of Revlon foundation..

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation is available in 3 different shades in Malaysia that is 030 Nude, 050 Medium Beige, 060 Golden Beige, 080 Caramel ..Since my skin are suitable with yellow base foundation I choose 050 Medium Beige and the promoter at the Revlon counter also recommended this color for me..Well, when you want a perfect base you need to choose the correct color of foundation..make sure the color are the same or slightly same with your skin tone..or not you will end up know what I mean..

This is how the packaging look like..

Product Details:
Product Name: Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation
Nett: 39.7g
Code: 050 Medium Beige
Made in: U.S.A

It have pump and honestly it is kinda hard to control on how to press the pump of foundation ..
Make sure you press it very gently yet strong so it doesn't come out too much [wasting]
You have to be careful when you want to press the a reminder!!

this is how the foundation looks like after pump it is very foamy liquid and when you touch it you can feel a lot of air bubbles on it..

My Review:-
This foundation is an oil-free product that is definitely suitable for oily skin or combination skin [like mine]..This foundation can be categorize as a weightless liquid foam foundation and it has air-brush finish..
After application you can feel that your skin seem like 'glowing' and the best is the coverage for this foundation was not too tick and feel a little moist on your skin.. it feels really smooth and doesn't feel cakey or sticky,,It may take sometimes for the foundation to fully absorb onto your skin but you can have dewy finish looks..For me, I think the coverage for this foundation was light to medium, it really suitable for how doesn't have problem with your skin and love minimal coverage yet good-finish for their foundation..It does have wierd fragrance which I hate it..smell like foundation smell which I hate it..hahahhaa!! but I satisfied with the finish look for this foundation..and I can say that this foundation is 'camera-friendly' that will able to make you skin even prettier in picture..cehcehcehhhh..hehehe..Ohh ya, not to forget that this foundation a liltle amount of shimmers..once you apply on your face the shimmer effect will be invisible mean that the shimmers not to obvious..but if you swatch to your hand you can see the shimmer particles...Overall, I don't think that the shimmers is a bad thing but it is good because once you apply the shimmer effect not to obvious for people to see..this is what I get from my experience apply this foundation...

[Promotion Price RM59]

Where to Buy:-
Guardian, Watsons, Any beauty counter

Pardon my wied smile..HEEEE...I'm wearing the foundation and the picture were taken after 2-3 hours of application..
you can tell that I am a bit sweaty and oily on the picture but at the same time I feel like my skin glow and this foundation is a type of foundation that give a dewy effect 

Overall, I think this product is kinda impressive!! This product might suitable for those who have problem with their oily skin and for those prefer for minimal or less coverage foundation means that not to cakey look..By the way, you don't have to be perfectly conceal you flaw..sometimes it will show some "beauty" on you skin..except for eyebag..this is definitely dedicated to myself..hahhaa..I
For any question or comment do let me know..leave a comment on the comment box down below yahh..

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  1. cantiknya Pika ^_^ i used to have 1 mousse product like this from Maybelline but that product is an epic failure to be used in Malaysia because of our humid weather. It melts like water on the face so now I have issues to trust foundations/BB like this. I'm playing safe just to stick with cream/liquid foundations. hehe

    1. yes!! i know that product..hehee..
      for foundation, cream base is the best for us with this kinda humid weather..but liquid foundation help to give more natural like look ;)

  2. Cantik & ceria je nampak..hehe..kalau x silap foundation ni ade kilat2 sikit kn? ( try-test dekat Guardian) Obvious x bila pakai dekat muka? ..sorry kalau silap~~=)

    1. yes, betul dear..ada shimmer sikit2 but once you apply dekat muka memang tak nampak..
      kalau swatch dekat tangan nampak kesan shimmer tu..

    2. Oo..shimmer tu buat sarcastic sikit nak try, especially I have 'amazingly' oily skin, lagi la rasa xnk try..hehe. anyway good review dear >,<

  3. You're beautiful! :) Wah, ada shimmer! Nanti nak cuba la foundation ni.

  4. haii kte orang melaka !!
    any way kte ade guna tester foundation tu....kawan kite mak andam die pun cakap okay..hewhehw
    salam perkenalan..followyou =)

    1. salam perkenalan jugak fasha!
      great to know the good review for this..
      I love it as well..hehehe..

  5. Salam sis nak ni okay ke utk org yg cepat berpeluh mcm I ni..ade setengah foundation tu bila kita berpeluh kulit jadi makin berminyak...

    1. I would suggest revlon colorstay dear. Much more okay..