Saturday, July 27, 2013

Product Review: Koshize Satinlips Mini Lipstick


Hello Supremo! yeayy..finally I had a chance to update about by favorite mini lipstick!! Mini Lipstick??? hurmmm..the Mini Lipstick I talk about is Koshize Satinlups Mini Lipstick..this Mini Lipstick is really favorable and easy to bring especially when you out for travel!! weehoo~~~ 

 with its silk-like finish and full coverage color, Koshize Satinlips combines in one lipstick the benefits of a matte formula with a moisturizing sensation, for an optimal comfort in application

 In this pack there are all 8 colors of Koshize Satinlips!! the color super tempting i guess..
easy to apply Koshize Satinlips with the matte finishing and well moisturized silky rich and long lasting lips shade..

8 beautiful shades in a box of Mini Satinlips for you to experience the well-moisturized silky rich and long lasting lips colors in elegant matte finishing..

this is the actual color shades will be appear on your lips..there are verities of colors which is very popular among girls nowadays..from the nude color until the real red color..

the Price for this Mini Box Lipstick is only RM17.90!! wowwww..very affordable for the lipstick that give really pretty color shades and long lasting..I'm fan of Kashize Cosmetic product from Sophie, if you guys interested to buy this as well just let me know..this mini lipstick really suitable for travel purpose where you can wear different color shades everyday during your travel !!

hope my review help you..

Thanks for reading this ^_^


  1. menariknya pika..akak nak yg nude la. tapi macamana nak tgk colours nya macamana?