Sunday, May 10, 2015

Celebrate Birthday laa konon.. #April2015


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Wowww!! dah lamanyaaaaaaaaa tak update pape.. Sorry for that. Just to inform you that I was so busy for my study life. To many assignment and I don't really have time to update. I have to give some commitment here. NGEE.. But everytime I have the spirit and excited to update my blog my ladtop does not cooperate well with me. SOBSSS! Currently using my dad's ladtop because my ladtop was down. And now already in the month of MAY! Welcome May!! Hope this month will bring more good and happy memory as the previous month of April.

 If you guys been following me from the beginning you guys must acknowledge that my favorite month is April and my birthday is on 15 April. Now I'm officially turn 23. Alhamdulillah. Syukur sangat-sangat masih di beri peluang untuk bernafas di muka bumi ini. The more experience I have during the past years. Thank you Allah. This year I have great birthday celebration as ever. Hahaa. I never expected this much but Thankful for everything. May Allah bless all my dear family and friends. Hanya Allah sahaja dapat membalas jasa-jasa anda.

So, here the story of compilation for my birthday celebration this year. I decide to combine every moment and memory together. So, beware this going to be a very long post with so many picture. Hahaa~

DATE: 15 April 2015
LOCATION: Big Bowl Ice Kota Laksamana, Melaka
First and foremost, big thank you to my friend here, Faizam aka Md Nor!. Hahaa. Actually on the day I don't really admit that the day is my birthday because I don't want to disturb my class BBQ-ing time. So I let it remain silent but a few of my friend know about this and here he is. After done with the BBQ-ing he brought me to watch movie, Fast and Furious 7 (I watch for the second time.. saborrr yo lahh! nasib baik cerita best. Hahaaa) anddd he offer to buy me a cake but I refuse and I choose to eat at Big Bowl Ice instead. Yummehhh! Thank you for the treat and thanks for treating me like a birthday girl on my birthday even-tho I keep denying about my birthday. Hehhehh.. What make it even funnier is that he is the type of person who really shy towards girl but he seem comfortable with me. Kekekekekeee..Thank you sebab memberanikan diri ajak aku keluar. Hahahaa.. I really appreciate that. May our friendship last. Aminnn.. 

DATE: 18 April 2015
LOCATION: Merlimau, Melaka
 Here the gift the I got from one of my classmate, Tyara. Awhhh! Thank youuuu so much. To be honest, after I was betrayed by one of my friend here, I though that no one will be friend (especially girl). Sedih je kan ayat nyaa.  Hahahaaa. I normally get easy making friend with the boys compare to girl in my study life which I don't even know why. Maybe when with the boys they are less drama and they can accept me just the way I am. NGEE.. Once again thank you for the gift tyara. I really really appreciate this. Once I got this I directly hang it to the wall. Thanks for the birthday card as well. Aminn.. Mendoakan semua ucapan awak menjadi kenyataan.

DATE: 20 April 2015
LOCATION: Delito Delicious, Kota Damansara

Right after that, here come the mid-term break. Hahaa.. I got this delicious mini pavlova from my friend aka my neighbor my childhood friend, Fikah. She is a really talented baker. I love everything she bakes. Especially the pavlova and the cream puff. I never taste any delicious pavlova and cream puff as she made. You should try it. You can check out more awesome desert at instagram @delitodelicious for more details. Currently she on a vacation.. Order after she get back here. Hee~

DATE: 21 April 2015
LOCATION: Wondermama, Bangsar.
and here my girlfriends my childhood friend. I love you girls so much. I don't care if you hate me or whatever because I love you girls. Thanks for this amazing almost 10 years of friendship and still counting until Jannah. Insya-Allah! Since we all grown up now have our own works and thing to do, But everytime we free we must spend some quality time together. The most touching moment is for my birthday. I was totally surprise by that. Feeling happy and excited the most. Hahaaa..

*candid moment la konon*

This is the most memorable moment with them. Thank you so much planning this small surprise but for me it is big. We went to Wondermama Restaurant at Bangsar, I was totally recommended this place, the food was awesome and the service is tip top. The food price is quite reasonable. You should try it. Guarantee won't regard it..

Can't hide my excited face here. Orang nak ambil gambar sibuk nak gerak-gerak. Hahahaa..Pastu kena marah dengan photographer si shila. sabau je lahh.. Hahahaa..

The beautiful delicous cake was from shila. She baked the cake herself and everyone like it and say it is delicious. You have to take a long deep breath to mention the name of this cake that is Pandan Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting and Candied Walnuts and Raisins Toppings. HAAAAAA~
Omaigod Shila!! My family like it. I even gave to my friend and he also like it. Everyone say it is delicious. You can open a bakery now. Hahahaaa..

That night I'm having this delicious looking burger. YUMMEHHHH for the tummy. Totally recommended for you to try eating here..

The close up look for our meals that night. Yumehhh!

and they deserved a bunch of selfie here....



Thank you for the memorable time together. I won't forget this. Love you girl from the moon and back..

DATE: 22 April 2015
LOCATION: The Fish Manhattan, NU Sentral Mall
Mesti tengah telan air liur kan tengok gambar-gambar. Same goes to me.. Heee~

This time my lovely friend here who buy me a meal. This is our first meeting after like 3 years maybe? hahahahaa. Lamanya tak jumpa.

She is the first person I meet during my study at UiTM Kuala Pilah for my Diploma and she the one who introduce to me about blogging. Glad that I meet her and we still keep in touch even-tho we are now far a part. Sorang ke utara. sorang keselatan. elok lahh.. Hahahaaa. Till we meet again Fatin! Belajar elok-elok dekat sana. Muahhh~

DATE: 25 April 2015
LOCATION: Mr Steak House, Kota Damansara
A treats from my family! YUMMEHHH! I love my family forever of course. I don't know how can I survive without them. I miss my mom the most but Allah lagi sayangkan Ibu. Okehh, Tak nak sedih sedih....

Terliur lagi tengok gambar makanan.. Muahahahahaa..

May Allah bless my family. Thank you for this celebration especially my dad. I will try my best to be a better daughter. I know it is really hard to have a daughter like me. Hahahaa. I love you Ayah. I love my siblings as well. Bila dekat gadoh, bila jauh rindu. Sabarrrr je lahh~

DATE: 26 April 2015
LOCATION: Calanthe Cafe, Melaka
Anddddd another miracle things happen is when I decide to go back to Melaka early than usual because my friend, Azman aka Meraa Man promise to celebrate my birthday. Hahaa. Belanja makan-makan je. NGEEE.. Usually when it come to a long period holiday it is really hard for me to go back to Melaka early. Becauseeeee I just don't! ahahhaaa.. We go to Calanther Cafe because I was carving for Calanthe Laksa. Hahahaa.. Thank you Man sudi melayan karenah Pika. Lalalalalalaaa~~ For those who never been here you can check out this nice cafe in Melaka. You can read more about this cafe HERE

DATE: 6 May 2015
LOCATION: Dataran MBMB, Melaka

Can't hide my excited face here. I was so suprise by this. That night they just ask me out to eat dinner makan asam pedas. So I just okay with it and they ajak lepak dekat MBMB so I don't mind until I say a box of Secret Recipe cake. I was like. SERIOUSLYYY?? It is mine??? hahahahaa. Happy kottt!! I'm glad that I able to meet a very nice friend like them. mereka yang sudi melayan karenah and perengai pika yang annoy ni. Hahahaaa.

Another excited face of mine. Hahahaa.. Bersungguh-sungguh potong cake. NGEE!

You can imagine lahh if celebrate with the boys how the situation right. Balik malam tu muka pika memang habis berlumur dengan kek. Tudung habis semua bau kek. Sabarrr je lahh. But there where the joy come from. Thank youuu guys! May our friendship will last. Aminnn.

Can you imagine how many kilo~ I gained after all this awesome mess? Hahahaa.. Better don't! Now I need to burn all the fats back but I want to keep each and every memories. Feeling blessed!! Alhamdulillah.. SYUKURR~ Now I'm officially 23 years old! *tetiba rasa dah tua T_T Hahahahaa..

Till then, xoxo 

Thank you for reading this ^_^