Monday, March 31, 2014

Travelogue: Vietnam Day 3 [Cu Chi Tunnel & War Museum]


Hello Sweeties...
Since I have started My Kuliah for a past few weeks..I feel wronged towards my blog because I was rarely updated my blog and I have to reject a few events because I was not in KL currently..sobssobss..Anyway, I still going to try my best to keep update even-tho sometimes the internet connection was tooooo slowww..faham-faham lahh ye, tempat Jin Bertendang ni..kekekeee...

Today I want to update and continue write about my journey to Vietnam..
On the third day..After we having a breakfast..the main agenda for today was to go to Cu Chi takes about one and half hours drive from our hotels to the I mention in previous post..the speed limit at Vietnam was lower than Malaysia..

So here I am at Cu Chi Tunnel entrance..

start to walk and discover the Cu Chi Tunnel history...

for sure we start with the "hide & seek" area were there is a small tunnel in every area in the jungle..

start with the demonstration from the guide...

Afrina also excited to enter this tunnel..

some traps..

Basically, what we get was to experience where human knowledge has been enriched by experiencing a web-like tunnel system of more than 200km in length which used to shelters of guerrillas during the war against American troops...

After than we return to Ho Chi Minh for a lunch..I must say that the menu was awesome...I din't manage to take a picture during our lunch because we soo hungryyyyy..hahahaa..and by the way the food we take is Halal because it is in our travel package since we go via travel guide...

After the Halal Lunch at Satay House halal restaurant we go to visit Was Museum..the famous lacquer ware factory and the handicraft center..


Pardon my soo many selfie picture..hehehee..

On the evening... we go straight to Ben Thanh Market for shopping...
since this is the third day we at Vietnam..

After done with all the day activities..we go back to our hotel..go for a short breaks and take a shower and get ready for our dinner..our last dinner at Vietnam was at Banana Halal Restaurant..So far I have to give a thumbs Up to this tour because the meal package they provided was delicious and halal..

After the dinner, we going for a night cruise..
Afrina the most excited here..hheheee..I miss her so much right now..hehehee..AFRINAAAA!

On the third day I feel a little bit exhausted due to the pack scheduled we have yet fun..
obviously I was fall asleep all the way on the van..hahaha...Overall. I suggest this vacation for those who like for shopping and shopping for a cheap price and go for a historical about Vietnam and so on...

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


Monday, March 24, 2014

Travelogue: Vietnam Day 2 [ Mekong River ]


Hello sweeties..

Here my second day of trip to Vietnam..we go with tour luckily that this tour is among our family and it is kind of privacy for us..woohoo!!  we have a pack schedule that we have to follow in this tour..let me share about it one by one..and as I mention I will story about this trip according to the day and it is going to be a long post story with full of picture..and hope you guys enjoy reading my journey...

First thing woke up in the morning and take our breakfast and of course it is Halal food thats already provided in out tour package..get ready for our first visit to Vietnam....In the morning around 8AM [vietnam time] we get ready from out Hotel to visit Mekong River..

We were exposed to colorful outskirt life as well as picturesque rice fields along the journey..this journey took about 2 hours from our hotel to reach this place..The actual kilometre are not to far which in Malaysia we can reach to the place around 45min but at Vietnam their speed limit were to slow around 60k/hour to 70k/hour on the highway roads..that is the reason why it is take times to reach to the destination..huhuhuuu!

So, here we are..get ready to get in the boat at Mekong River..
wooapsss..pardon my tudung yahhh..

The first destination we stop at Thoi Son island..
In this island we visit honey bee-farm but to to up closeb and I were able to told this bees...

we taste the honey mix with some warm tea & bee pollen and we have some snacks like kerepek pisang..

After that, we go for 'cuci mata' at the market..
wahhh!! so many stuff selling here and there..

craft handbag and many more!!

TIPS: Just for an advice, their sell's person always going to capture you and sometime they event forced you to buy.. So, you have to make sure to talk strictly that you don't want it or other wise you will be trap !! hahahaa..just an experience what happen me..hahhahahaa..MIX FEELING !!

After that, we take a boat again to go to another station that is Coconut Candy Workshop
on the picture above is how they make the coconut candy

This is how the Coconut Candy after the packaging done..

TIPS: make sure you choose the fresh and new one or you will be end up like me buying kinda old one end up it is hard to chew!! Aaaarghhh..FRUSTRATING !! but if you eat it while it still fresh and hot very delicious..just in my honest opinion..HAHAA..

Then, we staright to taste Seasonal Fruits..Their traditional fruits..
Most of them just the same as fruits in Malaysia' papaya, watermelon, pineapple, mango and other but the special is maybe their dipping sauce a.k.a 'pencicah'  ..

enjoy traditional folk songs at local people house.

TIPS: here another tips is everything they do you have to give them a TIPS a.k.a MONEY..they normally do not do anything for free especailly when it come to tourist...they definitely want, be prepared.!

This girls is on firee!! hahahaa..when everyone ignore her..hahhaaa!!
AFRINAAA...the one and only little cousin..aigoooo...

Walk along the village to see the authentic life of the local and challenge your bargaining power at cottage handicraft shops.

An adventurous sampan ride in palm shading creeks will be the next experience of the riverside region..

Do I like lie a Vietnamese? kekekeee..

we're on the Mekong Canal

Fresh coconut drink were given..their coconut taste a little bit sweet..LOVEE!

 After that going back Ho Chi Minh for late halal Lunch at halal Mekong restaurant. Shopping at Ben Thanh market. Dinner at D'nyonya halal restaurant

Over all on the second day we had our journey to visit the Mekong River and get to know how their villagers looks experience for me when I got a chance to experience naik sampan on the Mekong Canal..hehee..

My journey will be countinue..............

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥