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Recharge your health in sleep with AmLife

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Did you know that 9 out of 10 Malaysians suffer from one or more sleep problems?? Where 78% of them feeling that poor sleep could cause health-related issue and 47% said that it can cause beauty or skin problems. YASSS.. This is what happening right now. We often hear about "beauty sleep" but do we really get "beauty sleep" that we dream off? This is what AmLife is about. They called themselves as a sleep expert where they believe that everyone can recharge their health in sleep. 

AmLife is popular with their Electric Potential Thermotherapy Mattress but they actually have more products than just a mattress. Basically, they come out with products that anything related to sleep. With their tagline "Life, Redefind" AmLife want to ensure that Malaysians can achieve a better health through better sleep. They are practically a total sleep health expert which they looking into more holistic ways to improve sleep. Their diverse range of products is a testament of their intent to break into the total sleep health market.

AmLife representative basically explain to me more about the benefit of AmLife products and how it works meanwhile I manage to try their blanket on my hand. That just a piece of  the blanket of btw. 

 “AmLife believes that everyone should have dreams and should chase after them. In our journey to realising our dreams, we need to have a healthy body to pursue those destinations, and more importantly, enjoy the journey and the fruits of success.” - Mr. Lew Mun Yee, Founder & President of AmLife,  

Also present at the event were international speakers cum sleep experts, Dr. David Samson, Assistant Professor in Biological Anthropology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada, and Dr. Koyabu Miki, Integrated Chinese & Western medicine practitioner from Japan.

Dr. David Samson, said, “Humans rely on sleep for cognitive function, yet sleep the least of any primate. Sleep is critical for a strong mind as poor sleep has been linked to mental disorders, for healthy aging whereby quality sleep protects adults from age-related cognitive decline, and to reduce the physical signs of aging. An estimated 300 million people in Southeast Asia suffer from insomnia, and sleep apnoea, among others.”

 “Sleep is important to let the brain and body get rest, on top of ensuring the hormones are balanced, and improving immunity to diseases. To ensure we age healthily, we need to ensure we practice good sleeping habits.” -  Dr. Koyabu Miki

 AmLife introduced their innovative, sleep health products which included the debut of the AmPower Platinum Blanket with incorporating this year’s World Sleep Day slogan, “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging,” AmPower Platinum Blanket is an anti-aging technology from Japan which assures its user not only quality sleep, but also to wake up feeling restored, refreshed and rejuvenated. They also show some of other sleep products such as supplements to improve wellness, face mask-sheets and more to come soon. They ensure that they can come out all product that related to sleep to ensure for better health for everyone. For more info you can refer HERE

I manage to give it a try. It does feel comfortable and I'm almost fall asleep during the event. Heheee..

Here some trivia I'd like to share:-
50% Malaysians rated their sleep quality as average.
63% Malaysians between ages 25 and 49 take over 30 minutes to sleep and the majority of those who take over 30 minutes to sleep are Chinese (45%).
35% face sleeping problems 1 or 2 times per week, while another 20% face sleeping problems 3 or 4 times per week.
70% of Malaysians are aware of stress being among the top factors that cause sleep disorders.
Malaysians in the Northern (48%) and Southern (43%) regions are more prone to taking more than 30 minutes to sleep.
Malaysians in the Central (43%), South (52%) and East Malaysia (46%) feel natural solutions are most important when seeking solutions to sleep better.
More females (46%) prefer natural solutions compared to males (40%).
The top 5 sleep disorders remedies that Malaysians are aware of include exercise (59%), lifestyle changes (54%), relaxation and meditation (48%), massage (46%) and aromatherapy (37%). 
48% rely on reading books, watching television and listening to the radio to help them sleep.

Small size for Single & Super Single Bed

Large size for Queen & Kind Bed

AmLife's effort to promote sleep quality was recognized by the World Sleep Society, an international founded by the World Sleep Federation and World Association of Sleep Medicine.

HEY HEYY! I have good news for you.
For those who interested to buy the AmPower Platinum Blanket, You can use promo code "AL03" when you purchase it and you can buy this at only RM6880 (NP: RM8600) for Single and RM8880 (NP: RM11,100) for Double . Contact Evi - 0122160266 to place your order. This promo code valid until 30 June 2019. So hurry up and place your order now!

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