Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Boobies Workshop with NEUBODI, The Bra Expert

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This post was meant for ladies! if you're ladies, keep on reading because you might find something useful for you but if you're a guy’s yet wanted to learn more about ladies (maybe for your mom or wife) well, you can read too! 

Last a few weeks; I went to a special workshop. It's been awhile since I went to any workshop before. This workshop was held by The Butterfly Project and Neubodi. If you haven't heard about Neubodi before, they are the bra expert and the Malaysia's first fitting specialist retail that offer service and knowledge of buying the right-fitted bra with proprietary holistic methods of personal fitting. Why they dare to call them "The Bra Expert"? Keep on reading.....

When I walk-in to their store I feel so welcoming and their staff are super friendly! There’s so many option your can choose your bra and under garment at NEUBODI with a combination of over 600 sizes, style, design, colours and more together combined to choose from. Surprise surprise, they offer bra sizes ranging from 65A up until to 100I !! No jokes! That’s mean, either you are petite, normal or even plus sizes you can find the right bra for you at NEUBODI! No size discrimination here. I loike! They deserved that tittle of “The Leading Bra Specialist” indeed! 

This is some of the reason why you should choose NEUBODI 

The workshop starts with an introduction speech about the brand and what they are and more. I feel like “wow!” there’s so much to know when you choose your bra that I don’t even know it before. Good thing that I know about this and learn about bra. When you choose the right bra, it will also affect your body structure and your confidence. The right bra is like a “backbone” to your body structure and your confidence.

Bra sizes ranging from 65A up until to 100I 

From crafting, cutting, stitching, testing to fitting, each bra goes through at least 45 stages of assembly with over 60 different parts of materials to create an impeccable fit. NEUBODI’s retail collection comes in a variety of hand-sewn comfortable innerwear and lingerie care products spanning over 600 sizes including plus sizes, and is produced in an extensive range of designs and colours. NEUBODI also has an active sportswear line.

Have you ever wonder, are your wearing the right bra? 
If you faced with any problem above, means, you need to find the bra expert now!

These are the criteria that you need to know when you’re choosing your bra. 

At NEUBODI, no measurement tape is used! YEAHH! Not like the regular bra shop that when we enter, they use measurement tape to know your bra size. All of their bra-fitting professionals are equipped with a unique hand measuring technique where that only use their hand to know your bra size! Amazing!!! You get to know you perfect bra that suited to your shape and size. 

My Bra Fitting experience:-
Thanks to Liza, the bra-fitting professional at NEUBODI, who help and make me feel comfortable to choose my bra that day. I don't feel embarrassed with her because she genuinely wanted to help me to get the right bra. I’m happy with her assistant and she chooses a few bra that fit me well. I learned on how to wear a bra correctly and surprisingly, when I wore my cloth back with the new bra, my cloth feels much more loosing even though my bra size has been upsize! Now I know that the right method on wearing bra is definitely important! So ladies out there, you can experience the bra fitting at NEUBODI now, it is FREE!! It’s okay for you just want to learn and know your size then you doesn’t want to buy their bra yet. **But I recommend you to try one (at least). Hehehehe.. 

The right bra will leads you to get the right body posture. So hurry up before it’s too late! 

I end up went home with 4 bras and 2 panties that day. Imma happy girl! Choosing the right bra is important girls. You can choose the right bra now with NEUBODI! You check them out now! For more info, you can go to their website at . I hope you're having a great experience like it did :)

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