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Lose weight with Kerengga ?

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Yeahh. you read the title right. lose weight with Kerengga. Kerengga is actually a name of insect that have curvy body but I not going to explain about that insect, I'm going to share about a supplement called Kerengga. I think you can tell why they call it kerengga because this supplement will help to make your body curvy as Kerengga,

This is supplement that helps to boost metabolism in our body. It also claim that this can break-down all fat in certain parts of our body like thigh, arms and stomach. This comes in 2 type which is shake type (liquid) and tablet type (chewy). Both have chocolate flavor. Which is a plus for me because I love chocolate and at the same time I also want to lose weight.  

This is how Kerengga Supplement looks like. 
Left: tablet type; Right: shake type.

Why you need to consume Kerengga?
1. No diarrhea (cirit birit)
2. Help lower your cholestrol
3. increasing your weight loss process
4. It helps to remove 40% of fat in your body (I'm just like woww!)
5. Increase your metabolism
6. It have delicious taste of chocolate!

When you consume Kerengga, you need to drink plenty of water because you will feel thirsty, sweating or hot and often urinating because the effect of burning saturated fat in body. 

I will share on how each box looks like. 

 Kerengga Chocolate Shake 

This is how the packaging looks like. 

It comes in sachet type. 

if you can see, it is like a coco powder. You only need to mix it with 200ml water. Thank you shake it.

This is how it looks like. Every purchase of Kerengga Chocolate Shake, it will comes in a cute 200ml shaker. I'm kinda like this shake as when you shake it the water does not flowing out not like any other shake. 

It is recommend to drink 1 sachet per day after meal. 
**if you weight above 80kg, you need to take 2 sachet (breakfast and lunch/early dinner)

  Poopoil Kerengga Chocolate Tablet 

This is how Kerengga in table looks like. 

I'm quite amaze that they actually put each tablet in a sachet! 

It also a chocolate flavor tablet. easy to chewy and delicious too. What I find easier about this tablet in sachet, you can bring along during travel without hassle. 

It is recommended to take 1-2 tablet /day before meal. 

Both supplement function pretty much the same. It just different in term of type where one of it comes in powder and you need to mix with water and shake it. Another one, in tablet form where you can easily chewy it. 


Here some customer testimony after consume Kerengga. 
**Some testimonials show that they lose weight 3kg in a week. woahh!

After saw the testimonials, I feel excited to give this product a try!
Lose weight is not easy to be honest, because I’m the in situation where I need to lose weight as well. I is super difficult especially when I need to eat healthy and cut of sugars and carbs. Susah weyhh!

As we all probably know that 70% of our diet is on what we eat and 30% is exercise & supplement. Don’t get me wrong I don’t say that exercise not that important. Exercise is important because we have to get energetic to increase our metabolism so that the process of burning fat become faster. 

So here some tips that I found that might be helpful for you.
-  1.Breakfast! Don’t skip your breakfast. Eat high-protein breakfast.
-  2.Take less sugar. If possible cut sugar (some people need sugar, if not their body will tremble gigil like me)
-  3. Drink water before meal. If possible 30 minute before meal.
-  4. Change to healthy food, more green and color
-  5. Eat slowly, this will make you feel full and boost weight-reduce hormone in your body
-  6. Get a good sleep! 6-8 hours every day.

*I’m currently trying to practice this useful tip.

Let’s talk about supplement, does it really necessary? It actually depends on your body. Every people experience different thing. Some people, no matter how much they take care of their diet and exercise, they still couldn’t lose weight that much and some people easily lose weight. So, supplement sometime helps.

As for Kerengga, this also a supplement for losing weight. It might help you lose weight easier and boost your metabolism even more. But you cannot only depend on supplement itself. You still need to control your food intake and exercise routine. Most importantly, do not give up! WE CAN DO THIS :)

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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