Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Woahhh! How fast time flies!!! 
I mean like seriously, I feel everything moving so fast. Now we're enter a new year and everyone have their own new year resolution. For me, I'm simple wanna accomplish my 2017 resolution because to be honest in year 2017 I feel like I didn't have much achievement. Therefore, I mark 2018 as my must-achieve year. Pray for me!! Ngeeheee

Well, 2017 was not so bad for me but more on the challenging year. Because this is the year for me to find the right career. As a bachelor degree graduate, of course I want a job that suitable for my certificates but told to be true, it 's not that easy as you're compete with sooooo many graduates. Seriously it is really challenging for me. So I try to make myself positive and take any job opportunity you get.

 Career Challenges 
 Early last year (2017), I get a job from one small company but running a quite big projects. The work is not burden but the working hours somehow worries me. After a few months of working there I finally realize that I have no time for my family (and even for me) as I working 6 days per week and sometimes it need me to work on day and night. I realize that the job wasn't for me after my dad said that "how much did they pay you that you need to work day and night? Did you learn something? You don't even have a time for your family" When he said that I realize something and that time I miss most of my family activities. Of course deep down I feel sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with my manager and other employees there but due to the certain circumstances that make me a little bit down and sad that time. I keep on praying and make du'a so that Allah open more opportunity for me. 

And right after that, I got a phone call for a management training. They offer me the opportunity to start training/working with them. Basically this training program help to polish/improve all degree graduates to get ready in the world of working and to be real in working. I feel soo happy for the opportunity. I resign for the previous job and proceed with the new working life. I'm quite happy that time. It just the working place located at Midvalley Bangsar and you know lahhh the traffic.. Oh myyyy! To be honest, I learn a lot during this training session. I meet new friends and polish back my english as during training I need to speak in english. Learn on how to be a good not only for grades but also attitude. The traning session is around one month only. 

After that, I transfer/allocate to to Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam. Another Syukur Alhamdullilah to be working with one quite well-known company in Malaysia that selling beauty products. Since it is located at Bukit Jelutung Shah Alam , it takes about 30-40 minutes for me to reach my work place that time. But I'm still glad as I'm not stuck on the horrable traffic situation. But stilll!! I find it tiring to drive and face the traffic everyday. I don't stress with the work but I tend to get stress on the road instead. fuhhh~ I seriously salute people who working at KL city or any city area and you have to spend 1 hour or more on the road because of the traffic. That was sooooo NOT ME! Ngeeeheeee~

After a few month working there I get another opportunity to working on the field that I find suits me well and the best thing is it is near to my house. Alhamdulillah!  That's basically challenges I need to face as to find my career. 

 Blog vs Instagram 
Another challeges I face this year is where I feel like this is the end for my blogging world as you know that instagram as take a lead for social media and the popular post always easily get engage with brand and products and it seems like blogging has slow-down and it feels like a "competition" for me. I hate this situation actually. I really miss the moment thowback in 2013-2015 where blogging is surounded by positive vibes and now more like a politic issue. Dammit! I hate that. Hahahaa. But don't worry, I will keep on writing (if I have time) and share good things and my experience with you. It's okay if my blog no more popular (popular ke sebelum ni. hahahhaa) I will keep on doing what I love. Thank you so much for all the PR and brand who keep on trust me and give me the opportunity to collaborate with you guys. To all my friends who support me and blog readers, you guys are amazing! May Allah/God bless you all. Amiin.

 Holiday and Travel 
2017 was not so bad for me as I experience a good holiday as well. I went to several place last year with my family and friends. Even during hari raya my family and I went for a short vacay. I also went to USS Singapore and Lombok, Indonesia . You can read the full about my holdia and short vacay HERE. Sometimes I also share tips that might be useful for you :)

 Opportunity for Modelling and Collaboration with More Brand 
I truly feel honored for the opportunity given. I never expect that a plussize girl like me can be model. Because when you say modelling people will assume as a tall and slim person right. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Well, I'm not pro but I will learn and do my best. The new brand that I made a collaboration with is Inhanna, Hijriahome, Shizens and more~ 
I'm planning to do a special post for this very soon. Hopefully I got the time :)

One step at the time.
Overall there's bitter sweet moment for 2017 !
I wish 2018 will be NICE to me. Hopefully everything went smooth and easy.
I have a few wishlist and goal to achieve. Wish me luck :)

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone .
Wish you all the best !

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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