Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Raya Celebration 2017 | Part 4

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Here it come, the last part of my Raya Celebration Story for 2017. well, #rayakansebulan !
Mostly I went for Open House and Beraya to my friends house. Why I decide to share every story of my Raya this year because I want to keep this as my memory so that I can read and recall what I did every Raya. For me to treasure this moment is important because all this memory will not going to be back again. Everything will be change sooner or later right. So, I don't have so much story to tell about but I just let the picture talk.

 13 Syawal (8th July 2017) 

with my junior in high school, Wawa.

I went to Open house of my dear junior during my high school. It was MERIAHHH. The first open house that have invitation e-card okeh. Hehehee. I wonder why so meriah that day, I was totally clueless and the moment I arrive she's in a pretty dress and makeup! She had her egangment on that day as well. No wonder so meriah. Congratulation wawa, may Allah ease everything and be happy. 

 20 Syawal (15th July 2017) 

Classmate during my degree 

this popia is sooo good!

Group photo moment~

On the next weekend, I went for beraya at my friend's house, Najwa. Thank you so much for having us. The Ayam Masak Merah and Popiah is sooo good! I eat the popiah a lot! Hahahaa. They are my friend during my degree-study time. Well, all we did is eat and talk, talk, talk.. Hahahaa..

26 Syawal (21st July 2017)

Beraya at Biah's house. Thanks Biah for having us despite the last minute invitation. Hehehee.. They are my classmate during my high-school time. Wahhh, everyone have their own path now. Mostly working and some still studying. it feels good and "old" to see them. Awhhh.. I don't want to grow up too fast.

 27 Syawal (22nd July 2017) 

Le famila unite~

This is wrap up my Raya Celebration this year. 
As the last week of Raya , we going back to our dad hometown at Melaka. Visit our sedara-mara, and eat some more. Muehehehee.. Same as on my late mom's side, at Melaka also we don't have any kampung as well. Our family practically just go beraya and visit sedara-mara. When I was a kid we use to stay at the hotel. Everytime Raya at Melaka, we will stay at the hotel because we don't have kampung to stay over but this year we stay at my aunt house. More practical I guess. Heee~

I know that everyone have their own Raya story. You may have big-big family and celebrate at meriah suasa kampung which I think must be fun! And some of you just simply braya in the city. But here my Raya story for 2017. I hope thing gets better next year and year after that. Amiin!

As for closing, I wish you can sedekah kan Al-Fatihah for my late mom..
**Thank you for your doa', May Allah bless you and your family. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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