Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Raya Celebration 2017 | Part 3

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Let's continue my Raya story for this year. Siapa #gengrayajohor ?? Heheee.. I feel blessed to be surrounded with good friends (ignore the bad one. Huhuhuu). Amiin! So my Raya Celebration this year be more MERIAHH. On the 6th and 7th of Syawal, my fiends and I went to Johor not only for beraya but also for our friend's engagement day. Soooo Happy for her!

 6th Syawal (1 July 2017) 
All the way from KL to Johor for my friend's engagement day!
Congratulation Tyara and fiance, Naem. for another step closer to your marriage life. 

I'm sooo Happy for you!

practice makes perfect #ehh

who's next?

Our journey that day quite smooth, Alhamdulillah! Although I was accidentally overslept that morning, Hahahhaaa.. Thus the journey get delays a little bit but we'll safely arrived! It was fun because not only the food delicious but also get to meet up with my friends again! Susah nak jumpa sebab jauuuhhhhhh~ *perlukan kita berjiran dah kahwin nanti? hahahahhaa #sengal 

After that, we went for beraya again! Thanks Nysa for having us. Gelak sesaja~

 7th Syawal (2nd July 2017) 

A must place to go when I'm at JB. The ice-cream taste soooo good! If you follow me you surely know I talk about this so many time. Huhuhuuu..

Merah membara Oo Jantung ku! Tetiba matchy-matchy pulak. #unplanned

Jalan-jalan at Jalan Dhobi JB. Actually we plan to beraya at one of our friend house but she's not home yet, jadi isi la masa lapang yang ada. Hehehee..

Thank you Bobot for having us! Siap beraya buat macam rumah sendiri. #redhajelaa

Final house for that day, Rumah Kinah Yeahhh~ Geng Pulau Perhentian reunite. 
If you notice that my shawl camouflage the wall. Hahahhaaa. Sebijikkk okeh!

Check out my 5y/o baju kebaya labuh! HERE

Good food, good people and good vibe!
My Raya story will be continue soon! well #rayakansebulan 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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