Friday, July 28, 2017

Raya Celebration 2017 | Part 2

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Pernah tak dengar Beraya sambil Bercuti?? Yeahh! This is what my family and I did on our 3rd and 4th of Syawal this year. We're going to a short vacation to Cameron Highland. Since we sleep at my aunt house at Tapah and we randomly decided going to Cameron Highland. Totally unplanned and that explain my not-so-suitable-outfit for Cameron Highland. Muehehee.. Glad that it still breezy-cool up there but may not as cool as I've been when I was a kid. Buttttt still sejukkkk! Especially at night time! *main tarik selimuttttt~ Hahahaaa..

Another selfie to complete the day. Ahaaa~

We arrived at Cameron Highland on the 3rd Syawal (27 June 2017). Since we arrive at evening so we randomly picked a hotel near by the town area and grab a meals since everyone is hungyyyyy! Hehehee,, We starts to explore and sightseeing Cameron Highland on the next day (28 June 2017).

Mossy Forest 
This is the first place we went right after we check-out that morning. My brother really recommend this place because of its nature beauty and environment. To go to Mossy Forest is not easy because of the road is not proper for normal car. I suggest you to drive car that withstand to hard road if not your car will damage. But once you reach the place you need to go through another obstacle that is STAIRS!!! Hahahhahaaa.. As I mention earlier we're not fully prepare and everyone wear sandal (not even a shoes). hahhahaaa. And of course our Baju Raya.. Huhuhuuu..Let's the picture do the talking..

*muka masing-masing menahan silau matahari~

Family Portrait in the Forest

Yeahh! I feel soooo bergaya in the forest. hahahhahaaa.. Thanks to my brother photography skills I get the beautiful photo that looks like I'm on the Photoshoot session. Teehee~

Teh BOH Plantation Centre

Next destination is a must place to visit when you at Cameron Highland non other than Ladang Teh! Since the Mossy Forest is near by at the Tea BOH Centre so we stop there butttttt tooooo many people that day. The crowd is huge! Plus we need to walk a long way hilly road to reach to the BOH Centre. By the time we arrive there's no place for us to enjoy some tea plus my family have that habit where they don't like crowded place and waiting for it. (I find it sometimes a little bit annoys but I get use to it since I was a kid thoo. Huhuhuuu..) So we just simple take a break from the long way distance walk and take some photo at the Ladang Teh!
Why there's so many photo of me and my little sister??? Because she's the only one that willing (and  being forced by me) to take photo! Muahahhahaa.. #goodsister 

Bee Farm
The main reason is to buy honey because my dad and my brother are crazy over honey. This Bee Farm is quite confusing for us because the entrance and the exit is confusing. Hahahaa.. I think they need to put a better signage so that people know it better (people like us that very "kuno-kuno" one. Hehehee)

Best picture so far! Hahahahaa..
Never act like their age! still think that they are kindergarten kids. Hahahaa..

Anyway, Our mission to but the honey in the bottle not complete because my brother said that the honey is overpriced ( I don't know). **Maybe the best from the farm or maybe lebah dorang makan daging kot tu honey dorang mahal. Heee~ *joking

Flower Nursery 

When you're here you need to take photo with the flower right! Because at Cameron Highland the flowers bloom much more prettier and fresh! I couldn't recall the nursery name because my brother simply stop by at any random place. Hahahaa..

Buying cactus for my vanity table (for decoration purpose) but now it is end up at the kitchen. 
*not in the mood to deco my vanity at the moment. Huhuhuu..

Strawberry Farm & Lavender Farm???
Speaking about Cameron Highland we cannot miss the Strawberry moment right??

This is basically how the Strawberry Farm looks like that time! I think it is not the right time for use to pluck any strawberry because it seems like they already harvested it and not they plant another new strawberry. Thus, NO STRAWBERRY PLUCK MOMENT FOR ME that day T_T

Plus, we cannot find the Lavender Farm that people keep viral and story about T_T

I think I need another trip to Camaron Highland next time! But not on weekend because most people said that during weekend this place is flooded with people all over the place! Hahaha.. (But if not on weekend, weekdays kerja pulak kannn.. Haishhh..)

Another great photo that I feel I'm in the middle for photoshoot session. Thanks to my little sister!
Check out the full outfit details HERE

Overall, I still have the good memory for this Holiday a.k.a Raya time. I think next Raya maybe we can keep this as a tradition next time, kan ayah kan. Ngeeheee~

My Raya Celebration 2017 story will be continue on the next post~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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