Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Luminous Series Makeup Kit | review

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Have you heard about Luminous Series before? It is a local brand that selling skincare and cosmetics. What makes me more interested about this brand is their Makeup Kit that filled with 6-7 products in it. The product may be vary time-to-time because it is depends on the stock availability and demand. So today, I'm gonna share with you what's in my Luminous Series Makeup Kit. 

Let's check it out~
 Luminous Makeup Bag 
The first is of course makeup bag. The makeup bag comes in purple color with fancy zip design. Have quotes "Wake Up and Makeup". Suitable for travel when you only need to bring your must have product with you. 

 Luminous Flawless Treatment Foundation Cushion 
This is the most basic to start with. This Luminous Flawless Treatment Foundation has has SPF50 which is good to protect your skin from direct sunlight. The coverage is light-medium but buil-able for full coverage but for me I find it is a bit thick when reach for full coverage that's why I remain a light-medum coverage. The finishing if this cushion foundation is dewy so if you're only-combination skin type do set with powder for better lasting and finishing. It last for about 4 hours long on my skin that sweating easily. This foundation have 3 different shade for that is 1 Fair, 2 Medium and 3 Brown. I choose mine in code 2 which is Medium. 

 Luminous Master Ink Eyeliner 
This is a black eyeliner and comes in a pen type eyeliner. I really like the eyeliner because it is easy to apply and the lasting power also good. It does not smudge when I try to clean with water which is good. I even mention this on my Monthly Favorite recently. 

 Luminous Perfect Lash Mascara 
I love how this mascara lengthen my lashes and my lashes looks blackest ever! I think you need to make it dry first before you apply another coats if not it will appear clumpy a little bit. This is not waterproof but smudge proof for my opinion. 

 Luminous Lip & Cheek Stain 
Another love I found in this makeup kit! This is very good for a daily use because it keep our cheek blushing look. Hehehee. It can be use for lips and cheek. I even put this as my eyeshadow as well just to keep a hint of sweet look. Worth to get!

 Luminous Lip Scrub 
Lip scrub is important to keep your lips pumper and smoother. Luminous Lip Scrub have a hint of strawberry in it it does keep my lip smooth but some of the drying lip won't really remove. So I need a little bit effort for that. 

 Luminous Lip Balm 
 My favorite lip balm!!! I love it where it keep my lip moisturize and at the same time it has a hint of mint in it. So your lips will feel smooth and fresh. This also feature in my Monthly Favorite post!

 Luminous Lipstick Matte 
I bet this is their old packaging because I notice that they recently update a new photo with a different packaging. Yet the color remain the same where it has 9 different colors to choose and I choose mine in code eager. When I see the color they provide on the picture this eager suppose to be like a deep pink color but it appear bright deep pink on my lips. It has matte finishing so please apply some lip balm before application. It does flecking a little bit after 2 hours of wearing. 

This is my Daily Makeup look using Luminous Series Makeup Kit !
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Price: RM135 (NP: RM265)
Availability: @luminousserieshq 

**For Raya Special they also have Luminous Creamy Eyeshadow (natural code). Go and Grab it!

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