Friday, June 16, 2017

Facial Treatment at Beauté Library, Kota Damansara

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Last month, I'm having my facial treatment at Beauté Library, Kota Damansara as to pamper my skin. Beauté Library is a holistic beauty lifestyle center where I can say it is more like high-end beauty center. They have 7 outlets located mainly around Klang Valley such as Mid Valley, USJ Taipan, Puchong (Setiawalk), Kota Damansara, Kepong, Cheras Mahkota, and MyTOWN KL. And I set my appointment at Kota Damansara (which near to my house). Wuuu~

" Beauté Library is passionate about embracing your personal beauty and wellness goals. Consult us for advanced beauty treatments and effective weight-loss programme to nourish a holistic transformation into a new you. Our beauticians provide comfort to every valued client with the best professional service possible. Let your true beauty shine on the inside and unravel itself on the outside" 

Without any further due, let me show you what basically they serve and the process of facial 

 Introduction & Consultation 
Scan my skin

As usual, before any facial treatment is done consultation is important so we can discover the parts that need to be treat. I'm not flawless, I have a lot of flaws! As the Beauty Consultant check my skin and using a technology as to scan my skin condition. I think my skin suffer from all kind of skin problems because it is sensitive. My skin is uneven skin tone, dark spot, blackhead & whiteheads, redness, pimple and worst I heard from the beauty consult is that my skin sagging!! OMG!!! That was sign of ageing!!! NOOOOOO~ 

 Room and Facilities
Changing room

Locker with mirror

As to keep our belongings safe.

The bed with a great room condition. It is not big but consider okay as you will only lay down for the the treatment.

It also have this button as to call the Beauty Consultant ot their staff just in-case. Which I find it cool because normally this wasn't applied to any other place.

cloth for changing because they will also give you a shoulder massage. A good shoulder massage!

Overall, the facilities quite impressive. I find that they really put an effort to make sure the customer satisfied with the facilities they provided.

 Facial Treatment
As the beauty consultant adviced me to get Beauté Floral Essential Repair Facial Treatment because this facial treatment suitable for skin condition. Yeahhh, My skin really need to be repair. Fuhhh~

The facial starts with a double cleansing as usualy and they ensure your skin clean then leave it for steam (cooling).

Extraction process. My favorite because I have so many blackheads and whiteheads to be clear. After extraction normally they will apply mask for cooling purpose and to disinfection the skin from any germs and bacteria enter the pores or wound. 

Ohh snap! I totally forgot what process it is. But basically they apply a good serum or essence something like that and use the technology as to make sure the serum or essence can penetrate well on my skin. 

Cooling and repairing masks. I'm totally in a deep sleep during this process. Hahahhaaa.. Calming!

Overall, I really like the facial treatment process. The beauty consultant also friendly and share with me a few tips and give me advice such as drink a lot of water, exercise and more. Ohh, by the way the facial treatment took me about 1 hour and half around 150 minutes. The treatment worth RM880 but they always have better promotion so you can ask them for advise. As for the outcome I can see that my skin slightly hydrated compare to previous but I'll also notice some redness due to the extraction process, well that is normal. They will scan again after the facial treatment as to prove our skin get the benefit from the facial treatment. Good!

Well, here I am with my after treatment face. Hehehee. I'm really satisfied with the facial treatmenr and they service also good. the beauty consult also friendly. Means that I'm comfortable with the treatment and services. 

For more info about Beauté Library you can visit:- 

Till then, xoxo

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