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Harum Malam & Moeder - Supplements for women

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Today I want to share this 2 supplements that give benefits for women out there! As we growing our body will keep lack in nutrients and out food intake does not really full with nutrions that our body need. So it is the time for us to take action and get supplements! The 2 supplements I mention is Harum Malam and Moeder!

Harum Malam
Harum Malam is a popular brand among women in Malaysia because this supplements give superior benefits for women to stay healthy, energetic and to treat any internal/intimacy problems. Wuuuu~ So pardon me if I mention any words that sensitive and sexyness gitew. Hehehee.. I know that many women (including me) are actually quite embarrassed to see a doctor when they have problems at the sensitive parts (especially vagina). Conditions such as itching, mucus, and smelly Miss-V it sometimes affect the quality of life where it will interrupt your daily activities due to the discomfort.

This is how the product looks like. It comes in a pink/red color bottle. Harum Malam claims that this products is for those who having trouble like mucus (keputihan), itchiness, dryness and odor problems on your vaginal. Not only that, it also good for those who have trouble with body odor, urination problems and period pain. Harum Malam also is a supplements for women who lack of energy, unstable hormone and women after giving-birth.

The ingredients in Harum Malam itself is good for our body such as the extract of roses, betel (sireh), figs (buah tin), raisins, honey, lime, Pomegranate, Pueraeia lobata, and manjakani. 

It is safe to consume

How to Consume Harum Malam:-
Morning: 2 tablespoons before breakfast
*use plastic/wooden spoon
Benefit of Harum Malam:-
- Provide energy to women 
- Helps to refresh and nourish the body.
- Enhance immune system and stabilize hormones
- Beautify and increase radiance.
- Helps eliminate body odor and mouth
- Enhance your breast condition.
- Beautify breast so healthy and plump
- Help to tightens and recovering Miss-V
- Prevents unpleasant odor and itchiness on Miss-V.
- Soothing the dryness of vaginal
- Helps to tightening and firming the vagina
- Helps kill bacteria in the urinary tract 
- Overcome frequent urination
- Keep a healthy womb.

If you're married, this also help to increase your 'sense in love' with your husband. Eheemmm~
.Well, don't get me wrong! Harum Malam is suitable for ALL WOMEN either you're single (anak dara), married, after childbirth (berpantang), breastfeeding mother, and also women at age 50 and above. Consume with no worries!

Price: RM33.00/SM and RM39.00/SS

**Make sure you get the original Harum Malam because I was told that there also the fake one! So be careful. 

I've tried this product myself, I sill cannot explain to you more details about the obvious changes or what-so-ever on me yet, because its only been a week for me to try this product but I can tell that I becoming a little bit more energetic than before, plus it taste delicious! I was expecting it taste bitter like "jamu-jamu" but I was wrong. It is sweet like you drink a pomegranate drinks. Nice! I think if I consume this continuously I'll definitely see the obvious result especially on the overcome body odors. InshaaAllah! Ladies out there, if you're looking for a good supplement for women health, you can try Harum Malam now!

This is another product that also give tons of benefits to women especially for mummy-to-be, mummy and baby! Moeder is more like a milk booster that give nutrients for mummy and baby. Well, honestly I don't consume this because I don't have baby to breastfeeding yet. Huhuhuu.. I just want to share this with you just in-case you're looking for a great supplements for milk booster that give tons of nutrients to you and your baby.

This is how the packaging looks like. It actually come in quite bulky form too. 

The ingredients in Moeder consists of Goat's milk, Tomato Extract, Seed, Grape Extract, Lutein, Bird's Nest, Seaweed, Figs, Dates, Gum Arabic / Manna Bilberry, Aloevera, Carrots, Broccoli, Omega 3, papaya, Stevia, Vanilla and Non-Diary Creamer.

As I mention Moeder suitable for pregnant women, Breastfeeding mummy and Baby 

Benefits for pregnant women it will helps to:-
- Brighten your skin
- Increase energy and stamina as well as during pregnancy
- Reducing the Risk of high and low blood pressure while pregnant
- Overcome depression (Stress)
- Strengthens the digestive system and resistance to food poisoning.
- Avoiding constipation for pregnant women
- Strengthen Respiratory (asthma and asthma reducing maternal bg)
- Augment blood (as a replacement for traditional shell)
- Increasing the production of breast milk (plenty of breast milk)
- Reducing the effects of cellulite on stomach
- preventing osteoporosis
- Preventing back pain and spine during pregnancy because of lead content
- Strengthen the content for the new mom pregnant
- Giving more power during childbirth
- Troubleshooting nausea
- normalize metabolism
- Preventing obesity after childbirth

Benefits for the baby:-
- Reducing the Risk of yellow fever
- Increase endurance baby (flu fever)
- Thicken the hair
- Black hair and shine on baby
- Baby's skin will be fair and smooth
- Help strengthen the baby's lungs.
- Preventing asthma and asthma
- Prevent Blindness when growing
- Help shape the brain, nerves, blood plasma, and reproductive organs.

Benefits for Mother breastfeeding after pregnancy:  
- Increase and thicken the milk production
- preventing obesity
- Brighten & moisturise the skin
- Helps eliminate cellulite while pregnant
- Helps treat internal injuries during deliver (birth) quickly.
- Provide energy especially if you're still breast feeding during fasting month
- Reduce stress
- Overcome or prevent blindness.
- Baby glut and troubleshoot tears
- Strengthens the respiratory system baby.
- Helps baby memory

As you can see, it comes ina sachet form so much easier for you to consume because you only need to tear the sachet don't need to measure or what so ever~

How to consume?
Simply just mix 1 sachet Moeder into 1 cup of warm water (macam bancuh susu) then you can directly drink. You can consume this before breakfast. But if  it is recommended in the initial 5 days of use please take 2 times, once in the morning before breakfast and once before bed. After 5 days you can consume 1 sachet daily. 

Moeder is safe to consume don't worry.

Price: RM159.00 (WM) RM169.00 (SS)

I hope you'll find this helpful for you. Let's stay healthy and happy together~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


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