Thursday, March 16, 2017

Madu Cosmetics Lipstick in Valerie | review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Say HELLO to our local cosmetics brand (Malaysia), that is Madu Cosmetics. I bet most of you know Malaysian Singer and Song-writer, Hunny Madu and recently she launch a Cosmetics Brand call Madu Cosmetics. I find the name quite awesome! The first product that they came out with is the lipstick and I'm happy that I get a chance to try this lipstick. Wuuhuuu~ 

For your information Madu Cosmetics Lipstick is approve by  the Ministry of Health (MOH / KKM) which is the most important things when you want to produce a product in Malaysia. To ensure the product is safe to be use. And it is Paraben-free & fragrance-free. Plus it is not tested on animals. So you can use this lipstick with no worries. Yiihaaa~

Packaging: It comes in a back plastic tube packaging with the label "MADU" in turquoise color. What make it different from any regular lipstick is that the way you want to open it is unique because you have to press on the top of the lipstick and the lipstick will come out at the bottom part. COOL RIGHT! When I show this to my friend they were impress with the packaging. So do I. Heee~

Here's the code; Madu Cosmetics Lipstick in Valerie

Net weight: 3.5g / 0.13 oz

I like how sleek the lipstick looks like.

This is how the swatch looks like on my hand

Color: What I can describe about the color for Madu Cosmetics Lipstick in Valerie is more like a typical red lipstick color that a-must-have in every girl collection. The color is more like a true red where it will appear beautifully with any skin tone. For me I find it stunning especially for a day-vogue look. Wuhuu~ For your information, Red lipstick will show the confident in you. 

This the lip swatches using Madu Cosmetics Lipstick in Valerie

Texture: It is creamy in texture and easy to glide on my lip. The feel is more like you apply a satin lipstick. Even-tho it claims that it is a matte lipstick but I find it comfortable to wear and does not cause any irritation on my lips. I guess it moisturize well for lips. 

Pigmentation/Coverage: The pigmentation of the color is medium, where I still have to glide a few times to get solid and beautiful color on my lips. The coverage is good with the color. I guess because it is red, No one can really argue with Red Lipstick. Hehehee.. 

This is how Madu Cosmetics Lipstick in Valerie looks on me! I love it~

Finishing/Longevity: Told to be true, I know it is claim as matte lipstick but for me it is not as matte as other lipstick in market. My personal opinion I would rather said that the finishing is more like a satin finish where it is in between matte and glossy finish. Which I love it of course. It last on me for about 4 hours like that it totally depends on your activity yet it leave like a stain after the color fade off. You still can re-apply after that especially after meals. It does transfer but not that obvious. The best is this lipstick does not hurt my lips at all. Good in moisturizing. Great for daily use too!

Price: RM55

Overall, I find this lipstick is quite good! The packaging is nice and the formulation is wearable. I recommend this for those who're looking for a daily lipstick to be use. You can find a few different color from nude to bold color on their website. I hope you find this review helpful!

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