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Feel Healthy & Beautiful with GGM and Jus D'ria by Mediherba

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Just in time! I need supplements. Hehhee. It is the time for me to try this two amazing products that is GGM and Jus D'ria It has been on market for the pass 9 months. Both products are produced by Mediherba Solution which is the first in Southeast Asia that using ingredients such as fruit, herbs & vegetables, flowers and trees in combination with Herbal Essences.This product is made by our local people (Malaysia) that is Mrs. Rohasniza Rosli or well known as Yaya Rosli, a famous Malaysia Fashion Designer. Without any further due, let me introduce to you the both product one-by-one. 

Previously known as Gula-Gula Magic but now they upgrade the name. If you read my previous entry that I made HERE you'll know that I've tried this supplements before whereby I really like the taste of this supplements cause it taste like a real candy yet healthy version!! Now GGM make their comeback with a new formulation and new packaging. For those who care about a great skin looking, you better read this until the end! Hehehee...

This is how GGM supplements looks like. It comes in a tablet form like candy. If you can see there are two flavors in each bottle Chocolate (Brown) and Apple (Green). In each bottle contains 30 tablets. GGM supplement based with chocolate, apple and goat milk (premium), Rich with Habatusauda as the main ingredient mixed with sunnah food such as dates, apricot, blueberry, green tea, honey, pomegranates as a flavoring for nourish more effectively to users. For your information, the new improved GGM do not contain collagen. It is to reduce the risk of health problems. Besides that, GGM also able to help to enhance your skin complexion and make your skin even brighter, elastic and glowing. Weeeeee~ I'm excited... *joget-joget

For me the chocolate taste better than the apple. Hehhehh.. You're advice to take the Chocolate flavor in the morning as it will give you more energy and reduce your stress level. Then you take the apple flavor at night. 

For your information, goat milk is rich in Vitamin A, B, B2, C, D, lactose, nitrogen, calcium, iron and protein. Goat's milk is good for the body, heart,digestion system, lose weight and strengthen bone. Mix fruits, along with goat milk and habatusauda are imported from New Zealand with a high quality that extremely good for body where it can serve to lower blood pressure, help resolve issues of irregular menstrual cycles, help lower cholesterol, good for digestion system, and also can reducing the risk of cancer. Most important, it helps to keep your skin smooth and firm. 

If you ask me regarding the taste, it is also improve where it taste a little bit less sweet compare to the previous Gula-Gula Magic. GGM is suitable to be consume by men and women from teenagers and adults. Just take one tablet in the morning before breakfast and one tablet at night before bed. Ingredients contained on GGM is the source much needed by the body to stay healthy and beautiful all the time. 

Price: RM69.00 (PeninsularMalaysia) RM79.00 (Sabah and Sarawak) 
Contact/ Message: +60186610104

For those who been suffering with Asthma/asthma, Sinus (resdung), Eczema, Coughs, Cold, Rashes, Migraines, Skin Allergy and other health problems  This is a good supplement for youuuuu! 

The ingredients in this Jus D'ria will help to reduce itching and redness on your skin and improve your body health. The Aloe vera that contain in this Jus D'ria is specially imported from Africa. A high quality aloe vera which the goodness of aloe vera can heal small wounds, skin moisturizing help reduce eczema issue, with a combination of garlic and honey is good for breathing and help reduce sinus problems.

This Jus D'ria need to consume using plastic/wooden spoon, Avoid using Stainless steel spoon. 
Jus D'ria Supplement rich with aloe vera,  pomegranate, ginger, honey, echinachea, oregano, garlic, dong quai ( Chinese herbs), akar manis, acai berries, camu-camu, vitamin C, Apple stemsel, Argan stemsel and stevia.

My first impression when I saw the liquid I was like "mesti pahit" but I was wrong!! It is deliciously good! It is sweet but sweets of candied honey and pomegranate. Jus D'ria do not contain any sugar. I love the taste of this Jus D'ria. Ingredients in the Jus D'ria Is good for health and skin too.

Each bottle contain about 300ml. It is suitable to be consume by men and women, teenagers, childen, and baby as early as 6 month old. Consume 2 times a day with 10ml in the morning and 10ml at night before bed. For children, they only need in adequate amount which is 3ml-5ml (2 times) a day. 

Price: RM88.00 (Peninsular Malaysia), RM98.00 (Sabah and Sarawak)

Facebook: JUS SENSES
Contact/Massage: +60186610104

Both products received a good feedback from customers with more than 2000 testimonies within 9 months. INTERESTING! I'm looking forward for this supplements. Did you know that GGM and Jus D'ria not only available in Malaysia but also in Singapore and Brunei. Woahh~

Event: Dinner with Mediherba Solution
Date: 27 February 2017
Venue: Ole Ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid

With Yaya Rosli, founder of Mediherba Solution and famous Malaysia Fashion Designer

my fellow blogger friends. 

excited to see the result soon!

For further information you can directly contact:-
MRS YAYA: +60126460210
MR SYAHRUL:+60129484420

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