Wednesday, February 15, 2017

gO-S Juice by Farbel Rich - A healthy supplement

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Event: Launching of gO-S Juice by Farbel Rich
Date: 8th February 2017
Venue: VVIP Lounge @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Farbel Rich introduce a new supplements gO-S Juice. You must wondering why gO-S right? it is actually refering to Sihat, Slim and Sado. Hehehe.  It is a brilliant idea from Datin Farrah and Ben Amir to make this supplements that rich with benefits specially for those who wanting an ideal body shape and weight. It is 100% made from Bumiputera Malaysia company (Farbel Rich). gO-S is a product that is formulated from 100% organic extract material to help consumer to get the ideal body weight and younger looking-skin.

This is how the product looks like. In 1 box contains 20 sachets that can last for 20 days. It is safe to consume because it is made from organic ingredients . It can be consume by men and women

How to Consume?
You only need to make 1 sachet of gO-S Juice daily. You can mix either with hot or cold water. Both works fine. But for me I only use room temperature water.
**For the first time consume, you are advised to consume use gO-S Juice for 2 sachets daily (for a week)

Guarana, Dates, Green Tea, Acai Berry, Roselle, Asam Keping, Lemon, Pomegranate, turmeric, Fenugreek

This is how gO-S Juice looks like. It is quite delicious. For your information it do not contain any sugar yet this gO-S Juice still taste sweet! I like it :)

Benefits of gO-S Juice
> provide energy throughout the day and increases metabolism
> help restore the digestive system
> maintaining ideal body weight
> help get rid of toxins and cholesterol in the body
> fight against cancer
> improve blood circulation
> Get rid of air-in-the-body

The official launch of gO-S Juice. 

Check out some of the testimony from gO-S consumer. Ohh my! seems interesting...

For more info, you can visit:-

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