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December Favorites | 2016

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I know it's a new year but still it consider as last month right. Here is my monthly favorites for December 2016. I know I cannot miss this post. Hihihiii.. There's some new product that I've tried and like it and some are just a product that already in my makeup stash and I discover it and used it again! So let's see~
Shizens Sheer Tint Foundation: The first impression when I try this foundation I was like Ohhh, the coverage is light. So I assume this more like a primer compare to foundation. Then I apply foundation on top of this and I was in love with the finish! It make my makeup base seem more smooth on my not-so-flawless skin. Hihihii. I bet it is due to the texture of this foundation. So that's why I accept this foundation. It may not be a good foundation for those who have problem skin but this works wonderful for those who have flawless skin and you just need small coverage this is for you! As I know that it only have one shades but this shades is bendable with any skin-tone since it is a light coverage. This product is formulated in Japan and well known in Asia. Overall, I admit that it is a bit pricey for a foundation with light coverage but it depends on your preferences. 

Real Technique Sponge: I love this sponge where it helps in blending my foundation and concealer very well. I love the shape of this sponge that make my work easier. I normally wet this sponge first and make damp so that it can works wonderful, then I dap dap on my face as to blend my foundation and concealer every well. This sponge make my works easier and give a smooth finish so there is not patchy or cakey feels. 

Mary Kay Bronzing & Highlight Powder - light/medium: Last time I diggin' my makeup stash and I found this. I was like why I didn't use it and I think let's give a try and apparently this products still working good as ever. I love how still good this bronzing powder. It set perfectly on my face and even-tho it is not a matte powder yet it give a great nice glowing. No shimmer I promise. You can check my full review that I made throwback years ago HERE. I don't know if this product still available in market or not. If it is not available, I'm sorry for mentioning it in my favorites. Heee~

Zoeva Eyeshadow Palete - Cocoa Bland: OMG! I must say that this is a must have eyeshadow palette for everyone!!! Look at the color in one palette. You get 10 different color and each color you can create a day or night time eye look. Most of the color are pigmented some may not as pigmented as I though but still works okay. My favorites is the coco brown color and dark grey color. I used this eyeshadow quite frequent last month and will up my full review about this soon. Wait for it~

Y.E.T ME7 Waterproof Colorful Liner - KingBlack: The color for this eyeliner is a tru black. I like how pigmented the black color is. It is pen type eyeliner which make it easier for me to draw eyeline precisesly especially the "wing" parts. It easy to glide and does not irritate my eyes. Doesn't give a panda look after use as well. I wear it for quite a long time and no smudge on me eye. Thumbs Up!

Shah Mumtaz Perfume - J'dore: Inspired perfume?? WHY NOT! I love this perfume and I've been using this every single time I go out for the couple months especially last month. I can spray as much as I want with no worry of this perfume will finish but there's still a lot left in the bottle. This is a local brand perfume that have different types of inspired perfume form international. I got mine in J'dore DIOR. I love how sophisticated the smell is and some how bring out the famine side of me. Read more review about this perfume HERE.

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco: The feeling where you apply product that give an ice cool tingling sensation onto your skin. I love this sun protector because it is unique from any sunblock/sun protector that I've tried before. It is an ice air puff sun protector that works like a "deodorant spray" kinda feel but you have the puff on top of it as to delivers the products on your skin. I was amaze with this sun protector actually. I find that cooling sensation on this product also good for pores. Thumbs Up!

That's all for last month favorites. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


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    1. Welcome back Liz! Dah jadi isteri org dah.. Tahniah. Cepat2 rajinkan diri update blog ye.

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    1. Kan Kan! it is like a must have eyeshadow palette.

  3. omg that zoeva palette! geramnya tengok the colours are so nice :D

  4. dtg usha makeup2 baruuuuuu diaa hahhaha