Friday, December 16, 2016

What I Wear: So Much to Smile About

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

" Keep Smiling! Because Life is a Beautiful Thing and There's So Much To Smile About "

What I Wear:-
Scarf: Vincci
Inner Top: Uniqlo
Blazer: Vintage
Palazzo: KzNabihah
Handbag: Mango
Toe: Vincci
Accessories: H&M 

I always focus and remind to myself about think and act positive even when I'm down. For real, we need that in our life. Even bad things happen we still need to be strong and stay positive in many ways. I wish we all can act and think positive. Hehehe. I know I sound like a lecturer here. Hahahaa.. Anyway, this is an outfit look that I'm wearing recently to a Sephora Holiday Soiree event. Nothing superb just simply pair my favorite palazzo with a vintage blazer. Like I mention before, it is been awhile since I shop for clothing because I spend more for beauty products. Hahahaa. Now I need to stop that habit and keep on saving then I can think of getting a new cloth. Weeheee~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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