Thursday, December 15, 2016

Passion D'tox | review

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Do you know that it is important for us to do detox as remove toxic substances in our body which is mainly carried out by the liver. Check out this cute box from Passion D'tox that going to help to detoxify your body. 
Passion D'tox contains passion fruit and a mixture of berries that are rich in-fiber, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This is a nutritious fiber drink that helps block excessive carbohydrate and calories from your daily meals. Make it your nutritional routine with this fiber drink to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria for a healthy digestive system. There's no added sugar, laxatives and artificial colors in this and it is made in Malaysia
This is how the inside of this box looks like. Just seeing the box itself is like a cheerful box fill with goodness. In 1 box contain 15 sachets. Serving size per pack is 12g.

Passion Fruit Powder: The pulp and seeds of this fruit make about 25 grams of healthy fiber. It’s rich in Vitamin C and water soluble antioxidants.

Mix Berries: They are called the antioxidant super food and are great sources of vitamin C, E and ascorbic acid.

Wheatgrass Powder: It is a rich source of vitamins A, B- complex, C, E, I and K. wheat grass powder also contains lots of minerals, which are beneficial in boosting metabolism and better weigh management.

 Psyllium Husk: This is also known as elixir of heart and pancreas.

Direction to use:-
> Mix 1 sachet into 150ml of room temperature water (air masak biasa)
> Shake/ stir well and consume immediately

> People that have stubborn weight gain.
> People that face constipation problem.
> People that always feel tired and low energy.
> People that have bad breath.which means you have digestive problems.
> People that have acne, rashes, and other skin problems that may signal a toxic overload.

I've been consume this for past weeks and I kinda like it! I drink this before bed and the next morning I'm surely going to the toilet "doing some business". Hahahaa. Means that Passion D'tox do the works! In term of losing weight what so ever I din't get the result yet because maybe I need to consume this for a couple of months to see the exact result. *Ohh! I wish I can see the result soon. Hihihiii.. I didn't get any side side effect like vomit or itchiness. So far it works okay with me. The taste of Passion D'tox is like a passion fruit mix with berries. It is a fiber drink that makes me feel kinda hard to swallow at first place but now I get use to it. Since it is only 150ml so the process of swallow much faster than you expected. After done drink this Passion D'tox I will drink a plain water as well. You need drink a sufficient water for optimum results.

Price: RM110/box 

Let' detox with Passion D'tox!

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