Friday, December 30, 2016

Hello PORT DICKSON: Avilion Admiral Cove and Sightseeing at Teluk Kemang

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

This is a story of me going to Port Dickson for baby sitting my little cousin. This happen on JULY 2016! Muahahahahahaa.... after 5 months then the story is up. Aiyooo pikaaaa~ Actually I accidentally found a file on my laptop that in contains pictures during the time at Port Dickson. Dah alang-alang tu. I story je la what happen.

Ohh yeahh! That is the girl that I have to baby sit. She is adorable girl yet sometime a little bit annoying suka bebel macam makcik-makcik. Adoiii.. She's only 4 years old okeh but she really brilliant and a fast learner. If in my family she's like "buah hati" for all gituu.. **Ohh, whateverrrrr~

On the first day we arrived at Port Dickson she already ask for swimming pool! Nak tak nak I is layan kan aje~

Ohh yah, by the way that day we stay at Avillion Admiral Cove Port Dickson. My Maksu actually have seminars for 3 days 2 nights over there. Since I'm available that time and doing nothing practically so my Maksu ask me to look after my little cousin, Afrina or popular with Yayang~

This is the picture taken on the next day. Early morning she wakes me up because she want to go to swimming pool. (Bukan I yang kejut dia, dia yang kejut I. Hahahha). She also bring her toys from home to play. *Ohh Maigad Yayang! Hahahaha..
Nak tak nak I pun turut join dia main.
Okay, people will probably thinks that this my child. *Blerghhh~

While waiting Afrina having fun with her playing-thing. I'm also going for a swim and enjoy the view at Avilion Admiral Cove. 

After we done with swimming pool activity we go for a lunch and going up back to our room and get rest. While watching TV (of course cartoon) she ask me for a milk. So I bancuhkan la susu dia apa semua. Then she request for a chocolate drink I grab it on the refrigerator and put it in a glass. She impatiently took the glass and she slip then fall down from the cabinet (if you can see in the picture) to floor and the glass that she hold also broken. Aiyoyooooo~ 

That time I scold her because if she listen to me and give the glass she won't fall and the glass won't broken. Tapi takde la marah teruk-teruk, just geram jee. Hahaha.. But yahhh.. benda dah jadi. This things always happen when you handling with kids right. But I'm slightly feeling guilty after I scold her. She just a kid. Anyway, I learn my lesson, so I hope she learn her lesson tooooooo! Hahahhaaa..

At the evening I decide to go out to look around the hotel surrounding and enjoy the view at the same time. To get into the mood of short vacation and also make that little kid happy.

Guess who taking this picture???

Non-others that this little cousin, Afrina. Hahahhaa. She actually enjoy to taking photos but I'm afraid that she might slip-over the camera so I didn't really give her all the time. 

Yeahhh.. She can play everywhere including at Lobby. Seriously! This girls always have her "battery fuul charge" macam handphone Nokia 3310 dahhh I rasa. Tak habis-habis bateri nyaa.. 

By the way, The Wi-Fi connection at this hotel is WORST! OMG I'm so upset because I even bring my laptop along with me to do some blogging work but end-up the Wi-Fi connection blow me away! You have to go to the lobby to get connected with the Wi-Fi. SOOO LAME! Even tourist that stay at the hotel also go to the lobby lepaking for Wi-Fi connection. 
**Apeniiiiii.. malu jeeeee lah~

Hahahahahaa.. This is another funny photo that I found. I didn't realize the picture was blur that time I just saw it with once slide and I think it okey until I really closely look to the picture. It is BLURR.. Muahahahahahahaa.. *Gelak guling-guling

Petang-petang is the best lepak dekat pantai. So we going to Teluk Kemang. 

See that new swimming suite of her. My Maksu baru je beli tu dekat kedai2 at Teluk Kemang and terus pakai untuk mandi pantai. Because tak plan nak mandi pantai at the first place and we also didn't bring her swimming suite. So, beli la baru~

Well, I'm always happy when I'm at the beach. 

See how happy she is but she actually afraid nampak je berani. Hehehe. I even record her swimming-in-action on my instagram Go and check out HERE. Hihihihiii.. 

Believe it or not, I never been on a Banana Boat. SOBSS! So I tumpang Banana Boat yang tersadai tepi pantai tuuu.. Anyway, I will try this adventure soon~ 


Last day for me to baby-sit Afrina. Since it is also the last day for my Maksu seminars. I'm kinda miss this moment actually.. Layan perangai dak kecik tuuu.. Aishhh.. Hehehee.. 

To be honest I learn something good when baby-sit her. I learn how to handle with kid, I also play like a kid again. Hahahaa.. Selain kena mandikan dia and cuci poops dia dan banyak lagi laa. Hahahahaa..

Maksu and Afrina

That's all the story of my Staycation at Avillion Admiral Cove Port Dickson. I know that their Wi-Fi connection isn't working properly but beside that it was okay. In term of their servicing alos okay. The food they served is delicious and variety. I always come a little bit late especially during breakfast yet they still allow me to grab a bite. I wish their Wi-Fi connection works properly then I can rate them a little bit high but for now I only can rate then at AVERAGcE which is 3.5 stars only. 
Hahaha. *semua gara-gara Wi-Fi :P

But the view! FULAMAK LAWAAA untuk santai2~

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^