Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hello JB: A weekend at Johor Bharu

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I think I share to much reviews and events stuff on my blog recently. Hahaha. This time, I want to story about my life pulak. Why not... Hehehe. On October this year (22nd October 2016 to be exact!) I spent a weekend at Johot Bahru with my friends. This is not a plan trip though. I just feels like I need time for a short getaway so I packed my stuff and inform my friends that I will be at JB this weekend. Since I miss my friends at Johor why not I just going for a short getaway to Johor instead. I've been to JB for a couples of times thanks to my friend, Tyara and her family that always welcoming me every time I go to Johor. Thank you so much!! Her family is almost like my family already. We're more like siblings. Hehehee.

Istana Bukit Serene
The first day I arrived at Johor is for a sightseeing. This is a very random actually. While we're like pusing-pusing ronda at JB city area then this big crown attract my attention and this place known as Istana Bukit Serene. Surprisingly there's so many people stop by there to spend some quality time with family and friend. I think Istana Bukit Serene is now like a symbolic place for Johor as an attraction for everyone who come to Johor Bharu especially. 
Since we come a little bit late at dawn so the picture turns out like that. Anyway still beautiful. Hehehe. 

The Dreamliner Airways CAFE
On the next day (23rd October 2016), we went out after lunch time around 1.30pm like that. Since the boys are hungry so we're looking for a place to dine in. Then one of them mention about the viral hipster cafe at Johor which known as The Dreamliner Airway CAFE. We're excited to be here and surprisingly when we arrived we actually have to wait for our queue. Its full house! Woahh. Makes me feels much more excited to experience this place myself. This is the time where we get a chance fefeeling like eating on a exclusive place. The decoration of this cafe was tip top! I like it. The service was okay for us. If you want me to comment about the food they served it is nice yet it come in a small portion for a quite pricey in price. The price it standard at any hipster cafe but the portion does not satisfied us. Means that we can get more with that price. Based on my personal opinion.

with Tyara

*Ingat comel? 

This is what we ordered that day. 
> Chicken Chop Black Paper
> Grill Chicken Burger
> Korean Chicken Wing

*Yang Korean Chicken Wing tu nice!

We're here! 

Forest City, Country Garden
A famous city at Johor which is Forest City, Country Garden. This place is currently open for public for their view and visiting purpose. This place is seriously beautiful! I was amaze with the design, Interior and landscape. This place is actually a Multi-layered City which means they create a city with lush green surroundings and no vehicles traversing its surface ( for future). This place is still in developing and open for public to see what the future of Forest City looks like in 5-10 years for now. We take this opportunity to enjoy ourselves sightseeing and dreaming having a house like this one day and bla bla blaa *dreaming till the end. Hahahhahaa..

Hey there~

Kanak-kanak riang sangat!


Camouflage as nemo la konon. *Boleh pulak tudung sama tema

Ohhhh I'm Hungy to see this big fat crab!
Rajin sangat~

See! They act like rumah sendiri already....

sister from another mother

We spend most of the time over there. Talking, taking picture and picture~

The Ice Cream Project CAFE
As a closing of the trip. We're going to my favorite place to dig'in ice-cream, The Ice Cream Project CAFE. This is in my A-MUST-GO-WHEN-AT-JB-LIST! Hahahaa. I've been here for many times yet still satisfied with the ice-cream they served. Yummssss.


Can you see how happy I am!

That's how I spend a weekend at Johor Bharu. Any Johorean here? If you have any place to recommend to me please let me know. Comment down below and share with me. I'd love to explore new things and places. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. eh yg pantai ape tu mmg xpnh tauuu huhu tu xpnh smpi lg... and yup cafe tu pon mcm ckp dlu mmg interesting err hopefully foods die pon as interesting as the decor la hehehhe

    1. Haaa.. dia jauh sikit dari bandar JB tu sebab dia hapir dekar dgn Singapore dah..