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AISHA WONG X MYIDESIA Boutique @Dagang Avenue, Ampang

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Event: Opening Ceremony Myidesia X Aisha Wong Accessories
Date: 26 August 2016
Venue: Dagang Avenue, Taman Dagang

If you know me, I'm obsess with accessories thats why I know about Aisha Wong ever since 2012. I met Aisha during the event HERE. And I got an invitation for the boutique opening I'm excited to come and show my support to her. Plus that day, she collaborate with her friend who own Myidesia, The No.1 Inner Neck seller in Malaysia. Woahhh! What a great and inspiration this 2 ladies here.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

What I Wear: Olivia Red ft. Misclaire

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"Always Act Like You're Wearing an Invisible Crown"

Friday, August 26, 2016

Makeup Look: Innocent Gold'in

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Trying to do something bold yet innocent but this is what came out. Ahahaa.. I used a nude lip color to show the innocent parts yet the bold is the golden shimmer eyeshadows. Totally rondom not something I had in mind. Yet, I still capture this and share with your how my makeup look turns out. My face highlight are sooo in that time plus this makeup look is quite "light" which suitable for day time. I creat this makeup look for my recent event that I attend to HATTA YUNA with Fashion Valet Launch. I think I should put eyelashes lah since this is a fashion show event but I dinn't because I'm thinking that my makeup look might seems heavy but turns out mine are just okayy. Will trying some intense look soon.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

HATTA YUNA "Nuova Flora" now available at Fashion Valet

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Event: FashionValet X HATTA YUNA
Date: 23 August 2016
Venue: Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Recently I witness this beautiful collection from Hatta Yuna and I was impressed. The most excited parts is that YUNA herself! I'm a fan of Yuna ever since she starts her career and still support her till now. Now you know why I'm over-excited. Hehehee. Not only I'm a fan of Fashion itself but the collaboration was mind-blowing! The main sponsor for this event is SK-II, FashionValet and Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpu! The main sponsor for this event is SK-II, FashionValet and Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hat Yai Travelogue: [Day 2] Original Version "Sangkaya" at Songkhla City.

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After done with the Elephant Riding, we went to the beach! This located at Songkhla City. After all the activity we did of course we're hungry! What travel if we don't get to eat properly. Teehee.. 

We're having lunch at the Beach area which I believed that this at Songkhla City. Quite famous there. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hat Yai Travelogue: [Day 2] Elephant Riding experience at Chang Puak Camp

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This entry is continue from HERE. You may want to read the story from the beginning HERE. Next activity, after 3D Museum, we went to Elephant Riding. This is my very first experience with elephant riding. Previously just went to Zoo and watch the Elephant from far only. This time I get the opportunity see the elephants closely plus it is a Thailand Elephants! Kob Kun Kaa~

This is the place that provide various kind of activities called as Chang Puak Camp.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hat Yai Travelogue: [Day 2] 3D Museum Hat Yai Thailand

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The moment we arrived at Hat Yai, We're thinking of what activity should we do and where interesting places should we go.. So, my sister booked one day tour at Hat Yai Inter Top Tour worth of 2200 baht. This tour include the transportation (comfortable van) and touring at Hat Yai where they will bring us to the attractive places. The tour start at 9 a.m. which means that we need to get up and get prepare. Just so you know that Hat Yai timing is slightly 1 hour earlier than Malaysia. So, you feel that the time does not rushing to much as we in Malaysia. I don't know why but that's how I feel during my time there. Weird! Hahahaa.. 

We start our morning with a light breakfast at the hotel (surely becoming vegie & seafood lover at that time) From our hotel, we took Tuk Tuk going to the Inter Top Station and the van already there waiting for us. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily official launch

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Event: Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily official launch 
Date: 10th August 2016
Venue: Royale Bintang Hotel, The Curve 

An opening with selfie. Why not?? Hihihiii..
Bausch + Lomb Malaysia has launched another innovative product called Lacelle DIamond Daily, a daily disposable cosmetic contact lens.  I'm happy that I was there as to witness of this fun event. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Witch's Pouch Love Me Blusher in Sexy Swan review

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If you happen to read my June Favorites post you surely know about this blusher that I had recently and love it! Blusher is actually act as to give touch of color to face after with those primer, foundation, concealer and powder your face need some color to it. That's why blusher exits! To show some warm-feeling so you don't look so pale or dull. Blusher come with varieties of colors and you can pick the best color to suits you but this blusher that I'm about to share with you guys is a pretty color that will compliment a lot of skin tones! The blusher is mention is from Witch's Pouch Love Me Blusher in code 07 Sexy Swan

The packaging is in this white case with clear plastic cover to it. I love the packaging because it is compact enough and it is quite big size for blusher. More like compact powder size to it. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hat Yai Travelogue: [Day 1] Jalan-Jalan at Hat Yai Street + Pulut Mangga

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Check-in hotel? CHECKED!
Next, at the evening I mean around 5p.m we prepare ourselves for a short walked and a little shopping around Hat Yai city. Glad that our hotel is really near by at the Hat Yai city so it is much convenient for us to walk and go for shopping. 

So, here we are ready for Jalan-Jalan

Festival Syoknya Nikah 2016 @SACC Mall, Shah Alam

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I know that at my age range a lot of my friends are now prepare for wedding and stuff. I have a great news to share which is FESTIVAL SYOKNYA NIKAH 2016. For those who still in their preparation to get married here your chance to check out best price and promotion you can get during that Festival. This might be your lucky day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion #23 Natural Beige review

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Are you excited? Teehee~
If you follow me on snapchat (SyafiqahHashim), I talked about this product and share my first impression about this product there. And now, here is the full review..
Here my very first trial on Cushion Foundation guys That is April Skin Magic Snow Cushion. I never had any Cushion Foundation before ever since it is started to launched and becoming more viral time-to-time. You can see that this Korean Beauty invention becoming more wide now even the higher-end brand also come with their own Cushion Foundation. So, I think it is the time for me to try it.

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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Odbo Eyeshadow palette 06 review

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This is such a random review. Not random but I know that this product not really in Malaysia's market because I bought this during my travel to Hat Yai. I believed that this is a Thailand brand and I found that couple of Instagram Store selling this Brand. Ohh well, I think you can get it there. (But I forgot what the name of ig) Muehehehe.. Anyway, I still want to share my opinion about this Odbo Eyeshadow Palette. They have several different color but the one that I picked is in a code 06. 

 It come in this beautiful pink packaging with clear plastic to it. 

Friday, August 05, 2016

Hat Yai Travelogue: [Day 1] Check-in Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel

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Hat Yai story again! Read how we travel to Hat Yai post HERE. Wondering where my family and I stayed during our vacation to Hat Yai. Here is the place called Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. This is a 3-STAR hotel if I'm not mistaken. This Plaza Hotel quite famous there. Here my verdict and review about this hotel personally. 

We check-in at noon and since this hotel attach with shopping mall, You have to take an elivator to 10th floor to go to their lobby. The security were quite tight during that time. Every entrance have security check because of the "suicide booming case" that time. The moment we arrived at the lobby it is quite cozy with beautiful decoration. I don't know if the decoration still there by now or they probably change it. 

Hat Yai Travelogue: Travel by BUS from TBS to Hat Yai Experience

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that on May 2016 I spend some vacation time with my family to Hat Yai..... So, here come the story of my journey.. I hope it is not too late for this~

Depart from TBS on 29th April 2016 at 11:30 p.m.  Unfortunately, That was a peek-time guys. Our bus end-up arrived late due to massive traffic jammed and we roughly depart at 12 a.m like that. Why I say peek-time?? Because that time was a Public Holiday for Labor Day. Served your right. Imagine the highway lahh... It takes about approximately about 12 hours of travels to reach the Thailand Border. FUHHH~ Keremmm Pungkung ceq! The ticket bus were bought by my sister via online. She booked the bus ticket for 9 pax and my Pak Su last minute cannot join because he a little sick but still the seat have been booked so we eventually have 1 extra seat. The price for the ticket form TBS-Hat Yai RM80/person.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

What I Wear: Nothing Fancy but Bold & Clean

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"SIMPLICITY is the key note of all The Elegance" 

Makeup Look: Divine of Red

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When I think of Night Time Party Makeup look.this is what came out on my mind. Trying to pull of some bold lips color and using darker eyeshadow with extra wispy eyelashes. Overall, This is what it come out that night. As bold as I think. I', affraid of using too black eyeshadow so I just pick some dark burgundy as replacement to the color. Satisfied with it. But I'm looking forward for more dramatic look after this. Can't wait to try!

#SephoraMYturns5 Birthday Party !

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Event: Sephora Turns 5 Birthday Party
Date: 29th July 2016
Venue: KL Live, Kuala Lumpur

 Here I am having a party time at Sephora MY Turns 5! The party full with crowd that night and everyone looks stunning and gorgeous!

 Special performance from Karmin! I just could believe, they performing live in front of my eyes. I got to enjoy their hits song like Acapella and Hello. Check out their live video performance in my instagram HERE.

What I Wear: Still on for vacation

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" Relaxing on Vacation and Doing Well "

Motif mulut nganga pun tataw,,, Hihihiii..

Makeup Look: Tangerine lips

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This look basically I want to show that tangerine lips all that thanks to beautiful lipstick from Nars Audacious in Geraldine. The color pop-out so beautifully. Love it. I've made full review about it as well. Another point in this look is at the inner corner of my eyes where I put some highlights color to it as to brighten up my eyes. I choose settle bronzing finish. Nothing intense. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What I Wear: White lace poncho with hint of vacation

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"Difficult road often leads to beautiful destination"

MAMONDE first counter @ AEON 1 Utama

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Event: Mamonde Officiates the Opening of its First Counter 
Date: 29th July 2016
Venue: AEON Bandar Utama , 1 Utama

 Mamonde has finally arrived in Malaysia girls! and the first counter located at AEON Bandar Utama, 1 Utama. Mamonde is the new brand which is inspired by flowers is expected to excite the cosmetics market with its unique concept and affordable pricing. Products are priced from RM6 to RM169 makin them accessible to women from all walks of life.

July Favorites | 2016

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

August is here! I wish for more goodness for this month. Amiin. As usual, here my monthly favorite post. What I've been loving in the past July? 

Monday, August 01, 2016

NARS Audacious lipstick in Annabella review

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Looking for fun red lipstick color. This is might be for you.. 

NARS Audacious lipstick in Geraldine review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I'm excitedddd.. This is another Nars Audacious lipstick I've owned after my Natalie. I had this early this year if I'm not mistaken and been wanting to make the review ever since but I don't know why I did't do it yet!! Ahahaa.. Now it is the time for me to give my opinion about this lipstick here.