Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Raya 2016 Celebration Story

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

As I mention in my previous post that I will make a special entry for My Raya 2016 Celebration, HERE IT IS!! This is how my family and I celebrates our Raya this year. Syukur that everything was good. Well, the small thingy should't be borther with laa. Focus what's good okay. Yang penting ENJOY :)

1st Syawal: As usual, same as previous Raya we will start our Morning of 1st Syawal with Solat Sunat Aidilfitri. This time my family and I we go to our nearest Surau call Surau AsSahabah. That Surau used to be my Sekolah Agama before this. Hehehe.. *Mengimbau kenangan . After done with The prayer and khutbah we go back home and eat!! Hahaha.. This is the time for Nasi Impit, Rendang and all that kinda thing. All food was prepared by my sister because she is the master chef in our house and I take in-charge of house cleaning. After Zohor unfortunately we all fall asleep! GAHHH~ Raya much eyhh.. Dah petang then sesi maaf-bermaafan bersama keluar bermula. This is the 3rd year of Raya without my mom. Sobsss.. It feel so much different but I still have to accept the reality of it. Sedekahkan Alfatihah for my mom yahh. Okeh, after finished with sesi bermaaf-maafan and photo session my family and I we go to Shah Alam, my Paklong house. Yeahhh.. #teamrayabandar Hahhaa.. 

2nd Syawal: We decided to go back to our late mom's hometown, Perak. And the journey begins fefeeling Beraya dekat Kampung and meet our sedara mara/relatives. From Kota Damansara - Behrang - Ipoh - Teluk Intan - Tapah. This is where the Meriah and Kecoh-ness starts. Bersembang and makan and sembang and photo session and makan and bersembang lagi. Hehehee. Overall it was havoc guys. We stay 1 night at Tapah, my auntie house. we arrived at her house around 1am like that! Imagine... Hahhaa.. and then we get a chance to rest. Fuhh~

3rd Syawal: Ehhehh.. After breakfast here come our funny/crazy idea.. Pergi mandi air terjun! Ahaa.. after 10.30am like that we go on with the mission mandi air terjun with my cousins. Since my auntie house near by Kuala Woh Air Terjun so we go there and have fun. But I was supprise that now kena bayar kalau nak masuk. Previously takde punnn.. Maybe they want to keep the place clean or else kan. After 2 hours having fun and this is the time for the boys to perform Jumaat prayer and we the girls have to prepare what needs. Glad that I'm wearing a comfortable Jubah that day to make the works (basuh pinggan) easier. After Magrib, It is the time for us to go back home. Beraya moment at Perak end...

4th Syawal: the actual plan was to go back to our dad's home town at Melaka but something happen to by dad where his thumb toe kena cangkul. OMG! So, he need some rest and the plan postpone to 5th Syawal. Therefore, at the evening I went to visit my mom. recit some doa and prayer. Tell her my story and what I've been up to while crying of cause. I wish I can tell he the story face-to-face. #alfatihah

5th and 6th Syawal: We go back to Melaka as promise. The first house we visit is Nek Su's house/kampung. I don't know much relatives on my dad sides but we do have the one that we close to. Thanks Nek Su for the treats and so on. Stay sporting je dari dulu sampai sekarang. And then, we go to Uncle house at Lendu area. woww! this is the time I eat Mee Goreng yang sedap but pedas. Terasa macam sahut cabaran Spicy Noodle pulak that time but Mee Goreng ni sedapp cause I bertambah walaupun pedas. Sadly I don't have the picture! Focus makan sangat ni. Hehehee.. We stay 1 night at Melaka as well and for the next day we just relaxing, enjoy and packed our stuff to back home. Ohh yah! at night we enjoy or Dilwale movie at TV3. Eheee..  Everyone enjoys it except my dad, dia dah tido dulu.. cehh~

The best part is..... I still dapat duit raya. Yeayy Yeayyy!
I'm happy right now. This year could be the last year I think that I will get duit raya, maybe,... I don't know. Ehee.. Anyway, thank you Ayah, Along, Angah and my Makciks & Pakciks, and cousins for this. Semoga korang murah rezeki. Amiin...

I guess that's it for now, Will continue more soon! InshaaAllah..
*Raya kan sebulan.....

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. comel nya pika ni. Selamat hari raya pika :)

  2. gituh... ok ok ahkak will update my raya story soooooon.....hehe btw :') Al fatihah..