Thursday, May 19, 2016

Transbella & Transgluta Soft launch

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

On 24 April 2016 (Saturday) I was invited to join the launch of Transbella and Transgluta product. This 2 product is actually a supplement for your skin. The launch was held at Teh Tarik Place, The Mines Sri Kembangan. Actually I got the invitation at very last minute by Kak Ayue Idris. Rush away from Bangsar to join this event. Since, I know at the very last minute so I cannot wear the same theme as the rest which is purple. Ahaaa.. Too bad padahal banyak je baju and scarf purple. 

This launch is to introduce these two product that is TRANSBELLA and TRANSGLUTA. 
What is the different between this two supplement??

TRANSBELLA is basically and anti-aging supplement and the latest product by Zenia Beauty where it can help boost whiten you skin up to 5 times. It contains pearl powder, collagen, vitamin C and using yeas and sakura as gluta replacement (means in this product they don't have gluta in it).This also can improve your skin complexion, anti-aging and smoothen skin texture. This supplement come in form of chewing tablets. You only need 1 table a day before or after meal. For booster, you can take twice a day

Whereas, TRANSGLUTA  focus more for skin whitening supplement. This contain with pure glutathione (the most popular double whitening agent from Korean Technology). It is not only focus in your skin but for your body as well. Help to whiten your skin, faded scar and pigmentation, helps with acne problem and detoxifying ad many more! This supplement comes in capsule form. To make this supplement more effective, for the first 7 days, you consume 1 tablet before meal in the morning and one more before bedtime. After 7 days, remaining with 1 tablet a day. 

This is the testimoni from their customer after consume Transbella and Transgluta for about 3 months. Interesting right?? I'm excited to try this product already! Hehehee..

Congratulation Miss Anny Ariffin as Founder of Zenia Beauty and Suraya Sulatin as a co-founder and team for the launch of new beauty supplement in market. 

Atita Haris as the ambassador for this product. look who's coming to support her, non other than her daughter, Opi and her husband Nas-T. Such a sweet couple and Opi why laaaa comel sangat!!! And I just look like an apple in this picture. Erghh... Hahahaa..

Zenia Beauty now looking for an Agent. For those who want to top up monthly earnings up to RM2,000/monthly and to get extra income you may contact Kak Suraya Sulatin (012-9184042) to have further information on how to become one of their agent. Zenia team reach up to RM20,000 sales after two days they had their Transbella launch. They have their loyal consumers and people become more confidence with their products after heard a good testimonial viral at Social Media. This is the best chance for you guys to earn extra income right?

Normal Price for Transgluta is RM110.00, promotion price is RM70.00 only. For Transbella Normal Price is RM90.00 and Promo Price is RM80.00 (exclude postage)

For more information about this supplement, do contact them on
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @transgulta
Hotline number: 013-6925915 or 019-3173715

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