Saturday, May 28, 2016

What's Up PERHENTIAN: Budget Trip to Pulau Perhentian - TRUSTED

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

This entry is specially for those who looking for "percutian budget" . Special for students who want to spend some quality time with a group of friends but underbudget. (like US!) . 

If you happen to read my entry regarding "The INCIDENT" where, we got SCAM by this girl known as ALIA. It is so sad and hard to track her and our money "burnt" just like that. So guys, after this, if you're looking for Package murah2 please be careful. Makesure find the source elok2 okeh.

I want to share how we got another alternative to choose Budget Package. Glad that my friend know someone who live and run a business at Pulau Perhentian. As known as REAMY! Glad that he there willing to help us. Most people at Pulau Perhentian and even at Jeti Kuala Besut will surely know Reamy. So, don't be afraid, you can trust him.

The total package for this trip is RM280/pax for 3D 2N!
Sangat berbaloi. 

What include in this Package?

Boat from Jetty Kuala Besut (pergi-balik)
So, after the we are inform that we been scam with the person, my friend contact Reamy right away and ask if there possible for us to continue our vacation and the answer is yes! The boat from Jeti Kuala Besut was covered pergi dan balik. The duration from Jeti Kuala Besut to Pulau erhentian takes about 30-40 minutes. Overall I gave this ride 4 STAR. Laju weyh terhentak-hentak. Nak selamat, duduk belakang keyh..

Since, we can't really demand because we're in budget therefore we get this room. This place called as B'first Accommodation and Cafe located at Pulau Perhentian Besar. Actually it is quite comfortable not that bad lah. Because we're not going to spend the whole day in a room. Basically just a place for us to get rest, change our cloth and take bath. It is quite comfortable. We got the room with 1 queen bed + 1 single bed suitable for 3 pax. This room have air-cord and fan. For under-budget you can choose Fan. Add an extra money for air-cord. Just an advice for all of you, especially girls, just bring clothes/shawl with no-iron-needed and something easy to be worn k. Much easier. Also, bring your toiletries like shampoo and shower gel because it is not provided. Or else you kena beli which the price a little bit expensive at the island. Overall for the accommodation I give 3 STAR

Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 

Told to be true, this is under budget vacation but the food served is like AWESOME!! This is totally a 5 star meals you can get for under-budget. The food served was delicious and satisfied siap dia tanya if we want to add some more. Perghhh.. Makan la sampai kekenyangan kitaorg. Eheheee..Overall, I give 5 STAR for the food they served at B'first Cafe


1) Snorkeling trip surround Pulau Perhentian 
5 point they bring us to snorkeling. The snorkeling equipments provided. 
Fish Feeding Point
Turtle Point
Shark point
Coral Point
Romantic beach

2) Kincir Angin
On the evening we went to Kincir Angin a place you must go if dah sampai Pulau Perhentian ni. MUST!
I will up the more story about our activities at Pulau Perhentian on the next entry. Overall, I give 4 STAR for the activities provided in this package

Anyway, If you want to booked this Budget Package to Pulau Perhentian you can contact 
Reamy - 014-8082782
You can discuss with him about the package you want and more. It is much easier to deal with Orang yang dekat Pulau tu sendiri compare if you go find an agency. I hope you find this entry helpful and don't get scam like us. This is totally new experience for us and lesson learned. Next time I'll make sure be more aware of this kind of situation. I will continue about the activities we did on the next entry.

Til then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. seronoknyaaa! last year plan nak ke sini tapi tak jadi sebab musim hujan. cantiklah tempat ni!

    1. Cantik2. Boleh contact number tu if berminat nak ke Pualau Perhentian. Boleh discuss macam mana apa semua k..

  2. berbaloi sangat. tunggu lepas beranak lah T_T

    1. Okay, nanti boleh ambil package untuk family pulak kak. Try contact org tu k..

  3. B'first accomodation dkt perhentian besar kan ? Kalau saya contact orang tu package untuk perhentian kecil ada tak ?

    1. Takde la besar tapi ada 1 queen bed and 1 single bed which can fit 3-4 org jugak kalau bujang. Dia more macam bilik and ada toilet but takde tv and others facilities mcm dekat hotel. Sesuai untuk yang underbudget and bujang (students). But kalau family dengan anak-anak kecil tak berapa sesuai but you can contact him and ask what you need. Dia ramai kenalan dekat sana. If you amil package dia and nak stay tmpt lain pun boleh. Hope this helps :)