Tuesday, April 05, 2016

WIW: Confident is Beautiful

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

For the past month, I've lost my confident T_T. I don't know why. Tetiba je hilang. I feel sooo lazy to face with the public. I prefer to stay at home watching TV and spend my time decorating my room. I reject so many event because I don't like to be in public. I feel like my confident level is fade off. Sedihh jap bila ingat balik. Hurmm..

Now, I'm back on track!! yeayyyy.. I feel much better now. I started to accept to go to event and joining any event. I have to start from the beginning. it is really important to be confident. Find the beauty in you not in others people eyes. Okehh

I just nak remind, Confident tu penting! Peduli kan apa orang nak kata yang penting you guys happy. But jangan over-confident sangat sebab boleh bawak nahas jugak tuu.. Teehee.. So, for those who feel the same way as I do before. I hope you guys can find a little confident in you and try to burst out! Fighting~~

This is the look I wear during the Coach Spring Collection 2016 event. I just simply match my nude peach blazer and black lacey dress. I pair it with clutch. It is been awhile since I use clutches handbag. I think I need to get some more after this..

What I Wear:-
Scarf: Bazaar's
Blazer: Vintage
Lace Dress: Times Square  
Clutch bag: Topshop

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this 


  1. Betul tu. Kena confident baru la org pun confident dgn kite. Ingt lagi masa first time liz jmp pika, liz tgk pika ni confident dgn diri sendiri & berani tau.

    1. Ohh really?? Thank you soo much Liz! Sayang Liz ketat2.. Next time kita meniaga lagi jommm..Hihihiii..

  2. Apa kes x confident? Kt nampak Piqa mcm confident jaaa kottt! kt jumpa Piqa x penah pula rasa Piqa low confident ke apa..plus baju2 Piqa p event suma lawa2.. Serious jgn fikir cmtu.... Piqa cantik!

    1. Alolololooo.. nak nangis kiteee baca!Thank youuu my twins sister! LOVE MUCH..

  3. betul... confident.. is a must at the first place..
    keep on posting syafiqa... really love your style

    1. Thank you so much zeera. I will keep on confident okehh..