Friday, April 15, 2016

Fasha Sanda Fragrance & RTW Rita by D'Haja Launch

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Can you see the 3 successful person here.

On 31 March 2016, I was invite to attend this event that was held at PWTC. This is actually an exclusive evening with D'Haja. Basically that day they want to introduce D'Haja new product in market that is Fasha Sanda Perfume and RTW RITA. This collaboration is quite good and interesting because this is also involving an adorable Malaysia celebrity Fasha Sanda and a successful entrepreneur, Rita Dato' Sosilawati. All this thanks to the founder of D'haja, Puan Ija Ahmad.

The show starts with introducing this new Fragrance Fasha Sanda by D'Haja. Puan Ija said that Fasha Sanda was chosen as the ambassador of this Fragrance because of her personality and aura that she have. I already smell this Fragrance it is quite nice, Smell like floral yet soft. I'm impressed! You can get this fragrance at any D'haja Boutique. This perfume is easy to bring for solat and its claim that can last up to 12 hours. The price is super affordable which will only cost you RM37.00/each.

 The Fashion Show begins! You can watch the video I share in my Instagram HERE
This time is to show the RTW RITA by D'Haja collection. Overall, I can say that this collection is more for smart casual and daily wear style. Concept is more like comfortable and decent. Which is suitable with the D'Haja Hijab Collection. RTW RITA collection consist of Maise (Abaya), Victoria (Pants), Layla (Skirt), Isabelle (Top) and Olivia (Blouse). The price range for each collection start from RM100-120 only!! 

Its a wrap for the show! 

Truly yours with Rita Dato' Sosilawati and Puan Ija. Both of them so friendly and humble in person. Hoping to meet them soon to talk with such a successful person. Nak dapat ilham serba sedikit. Hihihii..

With my blogger buddies, Kak Lyza Fisol, Naomi and Kak Ayue

With Dayah Bakar yang always friendly and Pengasas Aura white. Cantik bak hang! Tetiba rasa nak consume Aura White.. Teehee..

With beloved ahkak sistor ngensot. Thank you ahkak for everything. And before balik tu terserempak dengan duo-fashion designer, the Woo Brothers, Fizi Woo. Designer yang tersohor di Malaysia and friendly!

Anyway, I had a lot fun that day, Despite my shoes buat hal. Hahaha.. Siapa tahu dediam! Hihihii

Don't forget to check out Fasha Sanda Fragrance and RTW RITA by D'Haja at any D'Haja Outlet in Malaysia, or any premium stockist and agent-agent D'Haja in Malaysia. Starting April 2016, RTW RITA by D'Haja also can be purchase via

I'm excited to try one of beautiful collection from RTW RITA by D'Haja soon!
Which one?? I will share with you later. Teeheee

Till then, xoxo

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  1. pergh best giler pika asyik pergi fashion event. tp mesti penat kan..

    1. boleh tahan penat la jugak liz.. ehehee.. macam kite pulak yg cat walk nye.. hehehee..

  2. Cecantik baju nya..tak tau nak pilih mana satu..heheheh..

  3. Auchhh sistor ngensot here hahahaha nice one!